Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas shopping, a new 'do, and dinner at MidTown

Hello family and friends! Well this past weekend (not over yet, thank god - don't you just love weekends!) was another busy one for the Valliers, but all in all pretty good. Friday night was spent watching the Devil Wears Prada on DVD - a nice relaxing end to a long week. Sara had Jury Duty on Mon + Tues, a Montreal trip on Thursday (as she managed to not have to serve the entire week of Jury Duty - lucky girl!) - and Seth had a very busy week at work with his new branch and a work function he had to attend on Thursday night.

Saturday Seth had to work yet again, and Sara got up early to do her update on the Ultimate Survivor Pool blogsite she contributes to. That and some light housework, by 1pm she had to bust her butt down to Fiorio for her hair appointment - highlights and a cut in time for the holiday season - a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon! While Sara was getting her hair done, Seth was getting home from work and relaxing from the way-to-early-morning he had - then at 4pm we both met up at the Eaton Centre (Seth shopping - shocking!) to do some more xmas shopping - thank god we're almost done!

From shopping we headed straight to a new restaurant that recently opened in our 'hood - the old Summit House - now called the MidTown - it's a well-priced joint with good food - and a great wine list. That was enjoyable. After that we went home and watched yet another movie (Clerks II - Seth's pick) and made it a relatively early evening.

Today will be spent on the couch watching football for Seth, and Sara will be making up all the cookie tins/trays and finishing her xmas cards - we're late this year! And tonight - the season finale of Survivor - woo hoo! A great weekend all around for the Valliers...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Early xmas, baking, b-days and football

Wow - it was a crazy busy weekend for the Valliers! Seth had a quasi-bachelor party to attend that took him (with a gaggle of ganders) to Windsor + Detroit for a weekend of drinking, poker, football and much debauchery we can only assume. He arrived back home at 4:30am on Sunday night (Monday morning) and the poor guy is still tired - good thing that he had Monday off work!

Sara's weekend (which you'll get much more detail on, as I'm a girl, and really the only one of us that ever writes this blog...) was also super busy. She drove straight to Kingston from work on Friday night - making excellent time on the highway and getting to her Mom's around 8pm. It was Sara's Mom's 60th bday - so she got a new purse, some angels for the tree and a certificate for a girls' weekend all expenses paid by her lovely daughter ;) to Toronto. Yes, she's a spoiled mum.

After a couple of drinks and catching up, it was time to wrap A LOT of presents - we were doing Xmas early with Derek, Amy and the nieces on Saturday afternoon - and being the only grandchildren in the family (so far), they are S-P-O-I-L-E-D - and we love doing it. The next morning it was off to a girls brunch with Mom and her 3 closest friends at Ramekins, then straight off to Aunt Reta's for the Xmas celebrations. It seriously looked like Christmas exploded in that living room - and the nieces favourite phrase? I wanna open ANOTHER present! Well, I think after piles of clothes and toys, they got their fill. And Auntie Sara got the Aunt-of-the-year award for the My Little Pony castle + accessories - that was cool. Although I didn't win the contest of favourite clothing - that went to Mom and her picks of some fuzzy jumpers that were adorable. Don't you love pre-school fashionistas? They are so adorable!

Saturday evening was spent baking shortbread, then Mom did some more cookies on Sunday morning and our annual xmas baking extravaganza is finally DONE! That's our weekend in a nutshell - check back next week for more updates!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wow - where did the time go?

Once again we are very behind on posting our updates - so sorry people, but we'll do our best to get you all caught up on our lives very quickly...

The weekend of 17th Sara went to Kingston for the weekend as Liz was having another shower held for her there. Lisa D - another of Liz's bridesmaids was holding it at her parents' house - long time friends + neighbours of the Prices. It was a fun shower - and again a late night - who knew bridal showers could be so dangerous? It was a great time had by all and gladly the showers are now done - it's just the dangerous-nous of the impending bachelorette that we have to worry about now!

The following weekend (the 24th) was a chance for Sara and Seth to kick back and relax a little, with no big plans and lots of interest in doing nothing. Friday was spend watching a movie, then the gym in the morning on Saturday and later that afternoon, Sara had a lunch/shopping date with a friend while Seth cleaned the house. Sat night was spent at the movies with friends, and Sunday was a busy day of football-watching for Seth and chocolate-making for Sara. Overall a productive, but relaxing, weekend.

This past weekend has been (so far) just about the same. Friday spent staying in - watching part of a movie - that is until our TV died. Saturday's agenda for Sara included a lot more Xmas baking and for Seth - a trip to Best Buy to get a new TV. Although he seemed quite determined to come back with only a slightly larger tv - of course, what was he dragging through the door an hour later? Yup, a 37" LCD - oh well, we can view it as an investment.

Saturday night was the annual Caribbean Christmas Blocko at friends', Rob & Vone's - it's always a blast, although for some reason this year seemed a little more tame than previous years. Today (Sunday) we both got up early, watch some TV and then Sara went shopping for the nieces' xmas presents and Seth got started on his football-watching.

Wow - reading this over, our lives sound pretty boring - and repetitive. Well - I guess that's what happens when you get older... ;)