Sunday, May 27, 2007

We'll take the hint

This weekend was the culmination of a bit of a roller coaster week. On Wednesday we had our 20-wk ultrasound and had hoped that we would be able to find out the sex of the baby at the same time. Well, little Val-Jr decided to play shy with the technician on Wednesday and we couldn't get a clear reading. Otherwise though, everything was healthy and progressing along fine - which is great news, and what (in hindsight) we should just be focusing on.

After going through the disappointment of looking forward to finding out and not getting our answer, we decided to take matters into our own hands and pay for a 3D u/s at one of the private clinics for gender determination. There was actually an appointment available for this Sunday, and we snapped it up.

The rest of the week flew by (as short weeks after long weekends usually do), and Friday was here before we knew it. We spent the evening on the couch watching the movie 300 (great but gory), and hitting the sack early. Saturday, we spent the morning cleaning and by 12:30 were off to our 1pm registry appointment at the Bay.

Registering for a baby when you've never had one, or really been around babies before is a bit of a meandering experience. Luckily I had researched online (nerd) and found a pretty comprehensive checklist of items that we would need, but actually picking which one we wanted to register for (i.e. figuring out what the hell the difference is between this stroller and that stroller, aside from one being uglier than the other) was a little difficult.

We ended up putting a number of items on the list (with the lovely saleslady's help) and I think we have a good start at least. But it took the better part of the afternoon, so by the time we got home at 4:30, we were ready for a bit of a nap.

Sat night we had a bbq to attend - a few boys' b-days were celebrated and some cake was scarfed down. Funnily enough, after chatting with some of the moms in the group, I found out that the Bay actually sucks for it's baby department - so perhaps it wasn't just our ineptness that kept us from finding everything we were looking for. After looking online at, I've decided a quick trip to Buffalo may solve some of our problems. Why, oh why, can't Cdn department stores just get it right though? It's sad really.

Then Sunday morning was the well-anticipated 3D u/s appointment - we got down there in plenty of time, only to find out that there was an issue with the appointment booking, and they had us down for 10am, although our confirmed appointment time was actually 11:30am (which we had arrived early for). Because the u/s tech had left for the day, it left us up shit-creek, with the only option to rebook for another time.

Since this clinic couldn't do a simple thing like book an appointment accurately, I was a little less than thrilled to rebook for a later date for them to then give me a gender determination (I mean really, if they can't book an appointment, why would I trust them to look at my baby and tell me important things?) - so we declined and told them exactly what we thought of their 'service' and legged it out of there.

We've decided that we should just be happy that we know all is healthy and good with the bean, and let the 3D u/s thing go for now. We might get one later - at 30 weeks, when we can see some more detail and stuff, but for now, we're happy to think in greens + yellows, instead of pinks or blues. Sorry folks - I know there were some of you looking forward to buying little girl or boy things, but it's just not meant to be I guess.

So that leaves us at early afternoon on a Sunday - I'm going out for a bite to eat w/ a girlfriend I haven't seen in a while, Seth's playing some video games, and nothing else on the agenda for today. Whew...


Monday, May 21, 2007

Wow, I can't believe that May is almost over - first long weekend of the summer and it was an enjoyable one.

Last weekend saw Seth and I heading to Kingston on Saturday for my Grandma's 90th birthday - there was a tonne of family there for the party - almost like a reunion for me, as I hadn't seen a tonne of them in many, many years. Saturday night we spent with Seth's parents, watching a movie and some hockey, along with pizza from Capri (of course!). Sunday we spent taking the Moms out for a Mother's Day brunch - an all you can eat place that this preggers woman enjoyed!

This past week seemed to drag by - I think for some reason the nicer weather is making it seem longer and longer to wait for the weekend to get here. And since it was a long weekend, the anticipation was even higher I guess!

Saturday I spent downtown shopping along Queen Street with my friend Liz, while Seth went golfing right after work. Because we were meeting up at Liz & Greg's house in Markham for dinner, the ladies picked up dinner on the way home. St Lawrence market was just about shutting down for the day by the time we got there, but managed to get some filet mignons, some huge sea scallops and fresh tiger shrimp - dinner was looking to be quite promising!

The boys finally got home around 8pm, and we cooked all the goodies up - eating dinner outside, such a nice luxury that I don't think I'll ever get tired of! After dinner, we decided to play some games - they had just gotten a Wii gaming system, so we had to try that out - a lot of fun, and great exercise! After that, some board games and lots of wine for everyone (me, I was on the non-alcoholic Becks - the only way I think I'll make it through the summer) - it ended up being 3am before we got to bed - late night for this recent early bird.

Sunday we got a fancy breakfast made for us, and we played some more Wii before we left. We then spent the rest of the afternoon running some errands before settling in for the night. Today was a pretty lazy day - although I did have brunch with a friend, and Seth did a bit of cleaning around the house, but mainly we just lazed around.

All in all, a pretty perfect long weekend had by all! Hope your weekend was just as restful!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Fast weekend

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly when the week feels like years? Blech. Anyways - it was a great weekend for Seth and I - not for any major reason, just a nice weekend overall.

Friday saw Seth getting off work early to meet his friend Greg for some afternoon golfing - which of course started his weekend off nicely. My Friday night was a bit more lame, as I just came home from work and rented a movie (Notes on a Scandal - brilliant movie, seriously rent it!). Since Seth did the requisite beer + wings after his golf, I was actually asleep by the time he came home - exciting life I lead!

Saturday Seth had to work until 1pm, and I ended up cleaning + doing laundry in the morning. I had plans to go shopping in the afternoon and so I thought it would be good to get some of the household chores out of the way that morning. It's funny though, I know I'm not that far along yet, but I already feel like I'm moving at the pace of a tortoise. By the time Seth got home, I had the laundry done, but was only about halfway through the rest of the cleaning. And I mean literally, halfway - half the dishes were done, half the bathroom was clean, half the coffee table was clean - so strange! I think it's pg-related attention deficit disorder or something. But how perfect is my hubby, he actually came home thinking that I would already have gone out shopping, and was planning on surprising me by cleaning the house while I was out. So he finished my halfway jobs and I hopped in the shower and met Liz for some much-needed shopping!

That night, Seth and I had a 'date night' planned - we went to the movies to see Disturbia - good, but not great. Really more of a teen flick (sadly enough, it wasn't 'gory' enough for us). But whatever, it was entertaining, and really, isn't that worth the $40 you spend to go to the movies nowadays? ;)

Sunday saw Seth going to baseball practice in the morning and then lazing away his afternoon on the couch, while I met another girlfriend for lunch and hitting the Eaton Centre for some more shopping. I've been on the search for reasonably priced maternity clothes and it's been a struggle, let me tell you - and I just can't bring myself to pay $70-$100 for a pair of black pants that I can only wear for a few months - so I'm going to look a bit more 'casual' at work than I had originally planned. Oh well, I guess all you moms out there went through this, right?

After some grocery shopping later on Sunday night, we came home, made a pizza and watched the finale of the Amazing Race. Oh - and Seth PVR'd a Saturday Night Live special that was all about the cast from the 90's - it was actually hilarious - if you missed it, you missed out!

So that's all for now - it's Monday morning and I'm procrastinating getting in the shower to get my ass to work... have a great week everyone!


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Belly pics

Two posts in one day - what are the chances? But I had promised to post some belly pics, so here they are...

7 wks

10 wks
14 wks

And POP goes the whale - 18 wks.

Another catch up post

Wow, it seems I just cannot keep on top of these weekly updates lately - okay - here goes...

So the weekend of the 20th, I can't even remember what we did on Friday night it was that uneventful (either that or pregnancy-brain is kicking in) - Saturday Seth had to work (story of our life), and I did a couple of friends a favour by babysitting their daughter for the afternoon. It was pretty cool - she actually fell asleep shortly after they left and slept for 2 full hours - by the time she got up I gave her a snack and we went out to play. Just about when she was getting tired and cranky, her mom and dad were home, so I was like, hand off!

That night we were back at the same place (Rob & Vone's) to take advantage of the warm weather and bbq the night away - it was lovely sitting outside for our first meal of summer (?spring?). High points of the night? A new hot-sauce shrimp recipe, yummy filet mignons from the market and me finding my non-alcoholic Beck's at the grocery store. All in all, a pretty enjoyable night.

That Sunday, Seth had baseball practice and I had brunch with the ladiezz at Cora's downtown - yummy happy brunch place for pregnant women as they garnish your plate with a rainforest of fruit. After that, shopping with the girls to find some spring garments (that will fit!) - which was only successful thanks to the ingenious designers at H&M - thank you for making maternity clothes that don't make me look 16 or 60 - thank you ever so much.

So blah blah blah working the next week - although I had another Dr. appt on the Wednesday - all is good in the hood (or womb, I should say). Next appt is May 23 when (knock on wood) we find out the sex of the little bean. Woo hoo.

Last weekend Seth was in Orlando (since Thurs actually), and I had a bday party to attend for my nieces in Harrowsmith. It was good to hang out with the family and do some shopping. AND I got to meet a new member of this earth - Quinn Sammon - my girlfriend, Stefanie's new little one - he's adorable (of course) and super tiny (but I held him and he didn't break, so that's a good thing).

That's it - this weekend is going to be quiet. I have another brunch with a girlfriend and Seth has to work (is there a pattern here?) ... hoping to get some more packing done around the house, feeling urgent about everything lately. Might as well do it while I'm not a clumsy oaf of a whale, right?

Love to all ... S&S