Sunday, October 15, 2006

A busy + sick weekend

The weekend was supposed to be very low-key, but ended up to be quite a busy one. Sara was (is) still sick from last Monday - it just keeps lingering and is now a rough, phlemy cough - which is just gross and she's wishing would just go away. But that also meant that Friday night's plans of drinks w/ a friend that she hadn't seen in quite a while were cancelled - instead, she rented a movie (the Lake House - sappy, but good!) and decided to tuck in for the night. Seth got home around 8-ish and by 9 was in bed and out for the count - guess it was a long week for both of us!

Well, Seth also had to work on Saturday, and after work, he met Sara at the nearest Ikea to buy a few things for around the house - with our impending visitors (Louise + Phil) stopping in for a few weeks, we needed to get some chairs that would give us more seating than just the couch. We got home just in time to put the chairs together and tidy up the house before our friends Rob, Greg + Liz stopped by to watch the Michigan football game. Many beers ensued for the boys, and they ended up going to the nearby pub, the Bull & Firkin for many more drinks - the girls stayed in and watched lame tv on the PVR while Liz waited for Greg to call to be picked up. Although it was a quiet (and sober!) night in for the ladies, we were still up until past 2am waiting for the boys to be done with their night.

Sunday has been spent cleaning up the mess from Saturday night, and finishing up the invites to send out for Liz's shower - they didn't turn out quite as 'creative' as Sara would have liked - but they'll have to do - they're already late going out! Oh and surprise surprise, Seth is a 'little' hungover and watching football for the rest of the day! Haha - boys will be boys!

So this week will be exciting (and a busy one) - Louise + Phil get into town on Tuesday night, and Seth has the rest of the week off to show them around Toronto and play host. On Friday we're planning to head to Montreal for the weekend - meander back through Ottawa and spend a day or two in Kingston showing our guests around the eastern part of Ontario. It should be fun and we'll make sure we post some pictures of the trip for everyone!

Monday, October 9, 2006

2 week update

Okay, so we're running behind on the weekly Sunday updates on this blog. Sorry about that - but here's a two week update for you...

Last weekend we did the Murder Mystery Party at our friends' Greg & Liz's - they hosted the party as it was Greg's birthday and he's always wanted to go to one of these parties. So he threw one for himself! It was great fun - Seth was a rich gambler and Sara was the detective (it was a Casino-themed party, so there was also Elvis, a number of showgirls, a senator + wife, more degenerate gamblers and casino staff there was well!). It was a blast - everyone really got into it, both acting-wise and in their costumes. Lots of fun had by all - unfortunately too many drinks were also had by all, so no one correctly guessed the murderer - but Sara did the get best-dressed award!

So that was last weekend - Sunday being a bit of a hangover day, with not much to do except for Seth to watch football and Sara to do laundry and other around-the-house chores. This weekend we drove directly to Ottawa on Friday night - another friend's birthday, another birthday party.

This time it was to visit Sara's friend Melissa - she was joining the 30, Flirty and Fabulous club, and Ottawa is also Seth's best man's home, so he got to visit with his friend Ryan. Friday night was a late one as traffic was so terrible from Toronto, and Saturday the girls waited for Liz to show up (she drove up in the morning) and went directly out to meet the boys for lunch at Cora's and then an afternoon of shopping!

Shopping was quite evenful - everyone got a new outfit and we had just enough time to get back to Melissa's apt to put out some appy's, get ready and have a few cocktails before heading to the restaurant for dinner and to meet a number of her friends.

Seth and Ryan had a date for the hockey game - so didn't meet up with us until after - then we headed out to another bar - had a few more cocktails and finally headed home to bed. We tried to leave at a decent time in the morning, as we were due back in Kingston for a very quick Thanksgiving visit early afternoon - unfortunately we didn't leave until closer to noon, bringing us into Kingston around 2pm. We had dinner with Seth's parents and then headed over to Sara's parents for a quick visit - then back on the road by 7:30pm, to get stuck in traffic heading back to Toronto and getting home close to 11pm.

No wonder we're both exhausted today - thank goodness it's a long weekend...