Monday, March 30, 2009

Maddie dances

The weekend in bullets

  • I got to spend Sat afternoon with girlfriends I haven't seen in a while - doing the lunch thing at Yonge/Eg.
  • Daddy & Maddie spent the afternoon together, doing the park/outside thing - Seth got a few good vids that I'll get around to uploading at some point.
  • Sat night was spent with good friends G&L, doing an early celebration for Seth's bday.  Steak, scallops, shrimp and ceasar salad - yum.
  • Sunday was spent... um, not feeling well after the copious amounts of red wine imbibed the night before.  
  • Oh, and Maddie spent lots more time with Daddy this weekend than usual (since I was either out of the house or very slow moving).  Which meant she was in a better than usual mood.  Daddy's girl [said with a grin]...
That's all.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Does anyone do this anymore?  I remember as a child, my mom was a Spring-Cleaning-Fanatic.  I was charged with washing baseboards, sorting and putting away my "winter" clothes, and washing windows every April.  

I haven't sorted out clothes by season in ages, but have always done a spring and fall muck through our wardrobes to do the Goodwill toss.  And as our drawers are getting difficult to close again, it would seem we're at this stage again.

But aside from the obvious (cleaning, sorting, organizing), I haven't really thought about what spring cleaning means now that we're homeowners (yes we were homeowners last year, but were a bit lost in the fog of having an under-one-year-old).

It's become glaringly obvious that our windows need washing.  And because we have wooden windowsills (that people keep telling me we're "lucky" to have now that vinyl is the standard - I continue to dispute that point), Seth has the lucky job this summer of sanding down the peeling paint and re-painting all the exteriors.

And the other day while sorting through some papers and whatnot, I rediscovered the "home guide" the previous homeowners had left for us.  Quite a handy guide actually, it gives you a checklist for each month of certain things to do... you know, change air filters, get ducts cleaned, routine checks on appliances - all SORTS of things that we have NOT been doing over the past 2 years of residence here.

So as the weather gets warmer and the to-do list is getting longer and longer and cluttering up my brain, my goal for this weekend is now to simply get a game-plan organized for us.  What we want to accomplish this summer - projects we think we can tackle, renos and repairs that need to be done and the fun seasonal things (like planting a vegetable garden!) that I really want to happen.

I expect we'll have far loftier expectations of things that can get done.  But I figure it's smart to get the hubby involved in the actual list creation, so maybe he'll feel ownership over getting some of the things done?  Yes?  Hopefully?  

We'll see...


PS - any hints on starting a garden from scratch?  I'm planning on taking the shortcut of planting seedlings instead of just seeds.  But should I go rent a rototiller?  Or just digging up the ground will be enough?  And what's the best option for the "walls" of the garden?  I really have no idea.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bring on the core strength!

I've decided that, while I'm not ready to ramp up the gym membership (no time, no energy, and did I mention, no time?), I've earned myself the right to sign up for A class. Just one. One little itty bitty class that hopefully will light the fire under my butt and get me more interested in getting back in shape.

Or at least stop my hip from aching like I'm 78 years old when I get up from sitting on the floor with Maddie...

So I've signed up for a local Pilates class. I'm quite stoked about it (can I be 33 and use the word "stoked"?)... It will be Sat mornings (or Wed evening - depending on which class fills up to when she decides to hold it) and just around the corner from my house.

To celebrate, I will be purchasing a yoga mat this weekend at Fitness Depot - who, incidentally, is having a Women's Weekend event on Saturday and Sunday. Free seminars, contests + stuff for women!



I've been feeling super-sentimental lately, and I don't know what's bringing it all on (no, Grandmamas - I'm NOT pregnant, so quit getting excited). Is it that all of a sudden our little bean is no longer a baby anymore? That's she's a chatty, busy little toddler? A whole entire other person with opinions and personality and did I mention, opinions?

Or is the whole, "should we have another kid? If yes, when? If no, why not?" discussion starting to leak out of my head and more into my heart. Making me pine for the baby-moments again. I caught myself watching home videos of Maddie the other day and wishing I could go back to those early days of motherhood. When we weren't rushed all the time. When a busy day was filled with me getting to the grocery store AND getting some laundry done. It was only a year ago, but feels like decades to me - when things were much slower and far less stressful.

Maybe it's because I realize that regardless of whether we have another little one or not, I'll never have those days again. The "sleep when they sleep", cuddle on the couch and watch tv at 4am, knowing you can just make up the sleep later in the day. Because (from what I've heard), two kids are infinitely harder than just one. There would be no sleeping during the day whenever the baby sleeps, as a little Miss Button would be running around all over the place. And what about those "difficult" days? How do you keep your sanity with a grumpy toddler and a screaming baby? I seriously doubt my ability in keeping it together during such a time.

Oh I know I know, the benefits way outweigh the costs... but it just seems so hard, you know?

But then begs the question - how do you know when you should have another? I know there's no magical time for age distance. There's pros and cons... less than 2 years means you (likely) have to worry about two in diapers, but they will be close playmates, around 2.5 years means you (likely) only have to worry about diapers for the baby, but have to deal with a older child that doesn't nap so when the hell do you rest? And >3 years, will they even like each other, much less be close?

It really was so much easier when we were sure that we were just going to have one...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Karma's a bitch

I used to snicker, roll eyes, do all sorts of juvenile things behind the backs of young parents (usually dads) that I worked with because they were aaaaalllllllllllways sick.

Well, Karma always knows just how to bite you in the ass, doesn't she?  

Yup - I'm sick again.  And Maddie woke up a few times last night for no apparent reason (other than, as I suspect, she felt crappy and wanted to be cuddled a bit).



Monday, March 23, 2009

March break hiatus

Our new daycare was on hiatus over March break, which meant we had to line up the Grandmama's for some babysitting duties.  Seth's mom came up from Sun to Wed, and my Mom came up from Wed to Sun.  It was a full house, let me tell you!

Luckily for Grandma V, the weather was gorgeous at the beginning of the week, so she and Maddie spent a lot of time at the park - which Maddie loved as well.  Maddie now goes down the slides on her own with ease (as long as someone's there to catch her at the bottom) - now we just have to work on her climbing back up on her own now too.

The latter half of the week was not as warm, so in sympathy for my mom (because have YOU ever spent 12 hours in a house with a toddler that wants to go 'side, 'side, 'side??), I took them both to the indoor play gym in Whitby on Friday morning.  Maddie was the most outgoing I've ever seen her there.  

I think any of my worries about her being the quiet, shy, wallflower that I was as a child are easing off.  This kid LOVES other kids and gets right in there to play.  In fact, it's funny as a (still secretly shy) parent to watch this, because I keep inwardly cringing, hoping the other kids won't reject her, that she's not being too overly-friendly, and her feelings won't get hurt etc etc etc, and HOLY PROJECTING, right?

On the weekend we visited my mom's aunt in a nearby nursing home and again, Maddie had her "charm" set on high.  She was chatty and smiley and couldn't stop staring at everyone.  It was almost embarrassing, except I saw how incredibly happy it made them, so I just let her go for it.  On a side note though?  It's hard to visit a place like this - it was my first time since highschool when we did a "adopt an old person" project or something like that.  Especially on a Saturday as you see the hopeful look in someone's eye that you could be there to visit them and I don't know - it just makes you feel guilty that you're not, and that perhaps you should stop and chat for a bit, but there's so many of them, and (see above) I'm not the most chatty, outgoing person in the world with strangers, so it's all just so awkward.  And sad.  And ugh, that's all I have to say about that.

Our Saturday afternoon was far more light-hearted - as we had friends stop by for a visit, with her 3.5 year old daughter.  I was worried that perhaps Maddie's toys would be too "junior" for her or that the girls wouldn't be able to play together because of the age difference.  Apparently I worried for nought - they had a blast chasing each other around and screeching.  

We topped the weekend off with a night out for Seth and I to drinks + a movie.  And here's another sidebar - what the HELL is with movies starting at 11pm these days.  Seriously - we either went to the 7:30/8:00 show.  Or we went to the 10:45(!!!!!!!) show.  Um, is there no happy medium?  Am I officially old now?  Who in the world is going to a 10:45 show?  Because if I'm going out for dinner and drinks, I'd be looped by 10:45.  No way I'd be able to sit and watch a movie.  What happened to the 9:00 showtimes?  Where did they go?  Because 9:00?  A LOT more convenient to have a few drinks and appys before the movies.  Hell, if you plan it right, you could actually fit dinner in nicely.  So instead, we had a quickie appetizer and a few pints at the nearby pub.  It was rushed - but even in the hour that we had prior to the movie, it was nice to just chat and be on a "date".  

Last few thoughts...
  • A full week of Grandma help while daycare is on spring-break hiatus is MORE than welcome (as is the cooking of dinners every night before we got home from work!!!)
  • The resulting spoiled little girl that pouts and gives me the death glare anytime I tell her to not do anything is not welcome.  Go away, please.  Now.
  • Maddie peed in the potty again last night!  After peeing in 4 (FOUR!) separate spots on the carpet in the hallway.  Still, I was totally chuffed.
  • We've won an inordinate amount of free coffees from Roll up the Rim.  Apparently that's why we never won anything before - all the winning cups are in Brooklin...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm jealous

A good friend of mine is currently considering, seriously considering, not returning to work when her maternity leave ends.

And this isn't the first time a friend (or acquaintance, or random stranger in a bookstore) has told me about her thoughts on the topic. It happens a helluva lot more than I ever had thought it did.

When I was younger, cutting my teeth on the corporate ladder, I worked in a "boys club" and listened to coworkers talk about a woman on mat leave in the past tense. Past tense people. As if she's dead. Not just on leave - but never-to-return-again. And it was always a point of curiosity for me. Back then, I was in my mid-twenties. Waiting (im)patiently for a ring on my finger, but in no way feeling those maternal urges. So the thought of having kids was so far off my radar, the thought of not (gasp!) returning to work after mat leave was unfathomable. What do you mean, not return? Who do these women think they are, if not defined by their careers!?!

I was naive. But at least I was admittedly so. And I remember chit-chatting w/ the CFO about a recent co-worker who had gone on leave. "If so-and-so comes back, then we'll have to figure out x-y-z." ... I was like, hold up. What do you mean if she comes back. She's coming back. She's a VP. She's important. She likes her job. She's good at it. And she makes all that money!!!

And I remember so very clearly, how Mr. CFO looked at me with pity in his eyes, "I wouldn't just assume so-and-so is coming back - she probably won't. In fact, that's the assumption we're working on right now [as they make incredibly important departmental decisions]."

Sidebar: yes, I'm aware how HORRIBLY politically-incorrect it is for a CFO to chat w/ a subordinate about how another executive is probably not coming back, that the company is essentially planning on her not to return, and that it contravenes all sorts of legal and moral boundaries, yadda yadda yadda - I told you - it was a boy's club - and a loosey-goosey one at that.

Then I grew up (a bit). Got married. Turned 30. Started to hear the tick-tick-ticking of my biological clock and next thing you know, I'm knocked up.

Around that time, I had moved on and was now working at a girls-club instead - employee base of about 95% female with a few gay men thrown in for fun. So instead of talking behind my back and making assumptions, I was just asked outright - "So, are you coming back?"

I'm not kidding you. My boss, other executives, subordinates - it didn't matter who - they all felt like they could just ask me this. And again, I kept hearing, "Most women don't come back, you know."  I just scoffed it off - this was me.  I lurrrrrrve working.  I am a career-woman - hear me roar.

Fast-forward to the end of last summer and the final days of my mat leave. Where I was starting to feel that anxious, lead-hearted feeling of having to return to work. A return that needed to happen financially, but would also include a commute that would take me away from my baby girl for about 12 hours a day. Factor in her 11 hour sleep schedule, and that left me with about 1 hour of face-time each day.

It wasn't a good feeling. And so I started to explore my options... 1) Not returning (not an affordable option for our household). 2) Returning to existing job (aka "sucking it up"). 3) Returning to a different job.

#2 is what I opted for in the end (as option #3 was yielding zero possibilities). And in my discussion of exploring options for returning (I pitched work-from-home ideas, flex hours etc. etc. etc.), I eventually agreed to a consulting role in a sub-contract position.

Which then resulted in a different consulting gig, which resulted in a part-time gig at a different company (where I could work from home on flex hours), which has since resulted in a super-amazing promotion and increase to full-time commitment, but still having flex hours.

Long story short - I'm a lucky gal and it worked out well for me.  

But the experience has opened my eyes and I understand now how these women don't return.  Or they do, but in a different capacity.  Or sadly, they return and hate every minute of it.  I get how priorities shift - oh how priorities shift... That has been an experience for me - I figured I knew myself, and then whammo - my self changed.  

But I digress - this post wasn't about me.  It was about me marvelling that as much as things change, things still stay the same.  And while there's more women out in the work force than ever, how there's more dual-income families than ever ... it's still normal, okay, and in fact coveted* sometimes, to be a SAHM.  

And in a way, I'm totally jealous of my friend.  That she has the choice at all. 


PS - what a rambling post, huh?  Sorry 'bout that.  I had more to say than I thought I did...

*Disclaimer for current employers should they decide to read this: This isn't me!  I don't covet it.  I love my job.  I love working.  I don't want to be a SAHM.  I promise!  It's the truth - I swear!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Flying bullets

  • I did it.  I finally bit the bullet and cut bangs.  I figure I'm going to last about two nanoseconds with this crazy long hair once summer hits - so to fully embrace and enjoy my long hair, I've done the bang chop.  I know it's only teasing to post to you about it, and not include a pic, but I'm at work and think they may think I'm crazy if I whip out my bb and take a picture of myself right here and now.  Later, soon, I promise...
  • It's March break - and our daycare is closed.  So my mom and Seth's mom are taking turns visiting and taking care of Miss Button this week.  Which brings me to...
  • Maddie hates me.  And that's because Grandma (V) is in town.  And she's far cooler and far more interesting the boring old mommy.  And perhaps Grandma spoils her, just a bit... Seriously though?  The 'tude I get copped when Grandma's around?  Not the coolest aspect of the visit.  Notthatwedon'tappreciatethehelp!!!  Honest...
  • Spring is officially here - at least in Ontario - and we've been outside constantly.  Or as Maddie calls it "Side".  We go 'side to the park.  To the swings.  Around the block to the recent open house (I'm nosy).  To get the mail.  And just up and down the street to walk.  This summer is going to be so much fun...
  • I am on the lookout for a climbing-sliding-thingamagoo.  I should keep an eye out on Kijiji, but really it's just making me antsy as I can't wait for garage sale season!!  Yes, I'm okay with admitting it.  It's a sport, and I'm still a bit of a rookie.  But I've got one full season under my belt and can't wait for the frost to leave, April to start and my Saturday mornings to fill up...

Friday, March 13, 2009


Lately there seems to be a resurgence into the hand-made world of crafting. Is it simply where my path (both online and off) is taking me? Or is it the current state of the economy that is inspiring more and more to save money and make more themselves?

I know I've been all about clipping coupons, cutting corners, getting discounts, asking for more discounts, and just generally trying to be more fiscally responsible. Less materially gluttonous... does that make sense?

Seth recently told me he wants to try and make Maddie a table & chair set instead of us buying her one - so instead of some golf paraphernalia he's getting a handier bday present from me this year. (And no, I'm not worried about ruining the surprise, he never reads this blog anyways...)

Beyond Seth's delve into handiwork, I too have projects lined up to do this spring - starting with resurfacing and staining our bathroom cupboards. Moving onto finishing Maddie's (a.k.a. guest bathroom) in a fun kid-friendly theme, and of course FINALLY finishing off the guest room. But that's more reno work - not really what I mean by "hand-made".

Just this morning as I was day dreaming about spring shopping for Miss Maddie and thinking about all the gorgeous little summer dresses I would buy her, I stumbled across the thought - hey, I could make those dresses...

And dude - I totally could! Her dresses from last summer were adorably simple. And smock dresses or jumpers would be perfect for her this spring. (PS - how adorable, but also young does she look here. It's like I barely remember her like this and that makes me feel so old, and sad, and wistful, and maybe a bit misty, and shuddup...)

So yeah - that's me. Going to Fabricland (Fabricland!) this weekend to buy some fabric and some patterns and I'm gonna make my girl some purty dresses. Well, make with the help of Grandma - who, oh so conveniently will be spending some time up here next week. I will be her grasshopper - she will teach me. And Maddie will look adorable.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on just how crafty I turn out to be. Might not be all that impressive. But damn, I will get an A for effort...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No means yes?

We had a blissful couple of months where Maddie said "yesh" to just about anything you'd ask her. Blissful.

I don't know if it's a developmental change, or influences at this new daycare, but we've joined the rest of the world (at least from what I'm told) and now have a toddler who's favourite word is "nawwww" (that's NO with a full-on drawl because apparently my daughter is also from Kentucky)...

And for a while it was exasperating, because seriously dude? A little too much negativity coming at you when every question, every statement, every loving little cuddle gets you a "nawww".

Now I've found my sense of humour, and am just finding it amusing.

"Maddie, do you want strawberries?" (her very favourite food in-the-whole-wide-world)


"Maddie, do you want to watch your show?" (either Sesame or Big Comfy Couch - don't ask)


But she clearly does. She wants the damn strawberries. She wants to watch her shows. She wants the juice she just asked for 2 minutes ago. And so and so forth.

My question is - what the hell are you supposed to do here? I feel like giving her what I know she actually wants, even thought she's saying no, makes zero sense and is just confusing the issue with her.

Does she "get" that no means no? Or is no just the word du jour and means absolutely nothing? Because just a few weeks ago she understood the concept of yes and no. So why not now? What's her issue dammit!?!?!?

and breathe

So perhaps I haven't totally found my sense of humour about it. But it's frustrating. And I don't really know how to act. Because if I do the opposite of the above (by listening to her "no" and not giving her what I know she wants), I then get to experience her newly-honed toddler meltdown skillz to the nth degree.

So yeah. I have no idea. For now I'm just ignoring her "naw" and doing what I want anyway.

Does that mean I'm a real grown up now?


A Maddie Moment

Getting dressed this morning:

Me: "And here's your socks", as I start pulling them over her feet.

Maddie: "Shawks!"

After getting the "shawks" on, I start undoing the buttons on her cardigan so I can slip that on.

Maddie: "Nawwww!!! Thooos! Thooos! THOOOOOOS!!!!" As she starts frantically doing sit ups while simultaneously sticking her feet as near my face as humanly possible, just in case I don't get the point.

Seth: "Wow, she really knows what she wants. I guess you don't change the order up much?"

Me: "Guess not."

Maddie: "Thooos! Pwetty-pwetty-pwetty!"

Seth: "She's really starting to take after you, huh?"

I'm not sure if that was a comment on her obsession with shoes, or obsession with routine. But yeah, I'd say she is starting to take after me...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I want to shop there

I admit it, I have a shedload of blogs that I keep track of in my Reader - the list has just grown organically over the years, and probably really exploded while I was on mat leave. Some of the blogs are interior design (yeah yeah, who do I think I am? No one - I promise. I just like to be inspired and be able to rip off ideas on the cheapcheapcheap), and of course there are about a trillion mommy blogs in the list, and a few other shopping ones.

Add that to my addiction to e-newsletters from all the major retailers (partly for professional reasons, partly for, well, it's like window shopping, okay?)... anyways it gets a little frustrating. Frustrating because I see these really super-cool things that I should be able to buy. I want to be able to buy.

But I can't. Because I'm a Canadian Resident...

And while I totally love the idea of shopping Canadian, sometimes I just want to shop at Tar-gé (that's a whiny voice in case the italics weren't clear enough).

If you are a U.S. resident, you have the world (of shopping) at your fingertips. The selection! The free shipping! The deals/steals/way-cheaper-than-most-of-our-stuff! Have I mentioned the deals?

It's hard when I get a Piperlime emailer and they're promoting these really awesome peep-toe Calvin's at a ridiculous price. And. I. Can't. Find. Them. Anywhere. In. This. Country.

Or I hear about a deal Home Depot is doing on flooring installation - $139 for any room. And I get our local flyer and it's the same deal - only it's $199.

Exchange rates. I get it. Ridiculous shipping rates because our country has lovely wide open spaces and it's hard to get things to people etc etc etc. I get that too.

But just give me the option!!! Make it inhibitively expensive to ship here - I still think those companies would be shocked/surprised/delighted at the number of orders they'd get by the selection-starved Cdn market.

Okay, that was my whiny post of the month. Roll your eyes and get back to work now, thanks.


Monday, March 9, 2009

How a damn good baby shower

Kidding... sort of.

Yes, this weekend was the much-anticipated baby shower for my BFF, Liz. I had been preparing for weeks - even though I had sub-contracted much of it (desserts, favours, games - all outsourced!).

My proudest accomplishment was the diaper cake I made - it was really fun to make and I think it was a great centerpiece for the table. Other cool ideas I found online? Instead of using streamers, put up clotheslines and hang baby items (socks, onesies, booties etc) and using soothers as napkin holders (yeah, I didn't actually do this, because paper napkins are just not that pretty rolled up).

It was fun party. There were over 25 women in my family room/kitchen and it was crowded (and HOT). The food was well-received. The gifts were more than plentiful. And we made my friend wear a hat made out of bows. Oh yeah - the humiliation of it all...

In family news - Maddie is officially recovered from the HFMD, she still has a bit of a rash, but it's dried up, not contagious anymore. She's back at daycare today, and things are pretty much back to normal.

Yay for normal.


Friday, March 6, 2009



That stands for Hand Foot Mouth Disease. And that is officially what Maddie has. (Well not really officially, as the doctor at the Urgent Care Centre couldn't confirm 100% as she doesn't have the rash symptoms in the textbook places - argh, don't even get me started...)

Anyways - HFMD is characterized by a blistery rash guessed it! The afflicted's hands, feet and inside their mouth. Other symptoms include sore throat, fever, malaise, and vomiting.

As I've posted in the past couple of days, poor Button has had all of these symptoms, plus a terrible rash in her diaper region and around the outside of her mouth.

It was the daycare provider that caught it. Because she seemed like she was getting better, Maddie attended daycare yesterday, and after her nap, while changing her diaper, Annette saw that she had blisters all over her tongue. And since Annette's daughter had a bout of HFMD several years ago, she had the "ah-ha!" moment. Apparently the onset of the sickness with her daughter also started with crazy vomiting/fever and then resulted in a rash 36 hours later.

So, while the doctor couldn't say for certain, I think we've verified ourselves that she definitely has it. And the fun part is only beginning. She was up EVERY. HOUR. last night, unable to sleep. That was fun. And she refuses anything that isn't milk or yoghurt (or vanilla ice cream that I treated her with this morning).

I feel awful for her, but honestly admire how much of a trooper she is. When she's awake, she's still playing and acting her normal self, just a little more tired than usual and perhaps a bit more irritable. (As for me? I'm A LOT more irritable. I need me some sleep.)

Isn't it amazing how kids can just play through a sickness? It's like because they can't verbalize the complaints, they shrug them off far more easily than we do as adults. Funny little runts.

Anyways - we have a busy weekend ahead of us - big baby shower hostess time, with several out-of-town guests staying with us. And with Maddie quarantined from daycare today, I'm really only able to work while she's sleeping. I guess I'll catch up on my sleep next weekend...


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maddie Milestone

Tonight before her bath, Miss Button peed in the potty for the very first time!!!

Trust me, I don't think that this means we're in any way shape or form, starting "official" potty training territory. But the fact that she "gets it" is just so cool.


Wayback flashback

As I posted earlier today, Miss Button has been sick these past 24 hours. Last night it was fast and furious vomiting, followed by falling asleep on my chest in an exhausted stupor. Follow that up with a full night of wakeups and crying and being unable to sleep and wanting one of us to hold her.

She woke up today much like her old self and has been fine in keeping everything down, but she's very sucky and wants to be held a lot. She'll even just lay on the bed next to you to have a little rest.

To be honest - today she was more like the baby she was a year ago - cuddly and snuggly and wanting to sleep only in someone's arms. It was kind of a nice flashback.

And I'm exhausted...


Irony is...

Having to email your boss and tell him you'll be staying home with your sick daughter in the very first week of getting paid for "full time" designation in your job.


PS - yes, seems like another bout of stomach flu has hit Miss Button. She vomited 5 times in a 45 minute period right after picking her up from daycare last night. It isn't the same bug as before, as she didn't seem bothered by the vomiting last time, whereas she was hysterically upset about it this time, and fell asleep for an hour in my arms like a newborn when she was done, from the pure exhaustion of the effort I think. Poor Button...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And we've hit yet another developmental stage. A stage that I thought we had ducked, with Maddie's (until recently) preference to the word, "yeshhhh".

Instead that was just a teaser, and we were just a little slower to get here. Maybe a result of daycare influence? Who knows. But ask Miss Button a question these days, and the answer invariably is, "Nooo".

It's almost amusing. Almost.

I get now, all those comments and things I read about how the negativity of having every question answered as a "no" gets grating after a while. If I'm in a good mood it's amusing. If I'm annoyed, well, it's annoying.

In other news, I think she's hit a growth spurt. Waking up once a night and drinking a full bottle, being ravenously hungry during the day, and the clincher of all clinchers? As I was getting her dressed today I'm sure I saw an ankle! (As in, ankle bone - not cankle fat)

Someone's growing up, up, up!


Monday, March 2, 2009

It's only 9am...

...and I've already seen someone doing a good deed today. While standing in line at Tim Horton's, I watched a guy cut up from the back of the line to pay for the current customer's order. The customer was a soldier, clearly buying not just coffee, but his lunch for the day (unless he starts his day with a sandwich? Huh, maybe.).

Anyways, this large man walked up from the back of the line, and asked the soldier if he could pay for his order. The soldier agreed, and said thank you. The large man replied, "No man. Thank you."

It was a small thing. I mean it's only lunch. But I think it made everyone standing there feel a little better about the world.


PS - yes, that was the ooshy-gushy-touchy-feely-happy post of the year.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It doesn't take much.

We had a great weekend. Nothing that exciting happened, and we didn't get all that much "accomplished".

Just did some grocery shopping early Saturday morning. Spent the afternoon at a birthday party for one of Maddie's Babyville friends. I snuck out on Saturday night after dinner to hit up a movie with my BFF Liz (He's Not That Into You - easy, light-hearted chick-flick). Sunday morning was spent visiting over at G&L's, playing a bit of Rock Band, and just generally getting out of the house. We were home for lunch, Maddie had a nap and I did our taxes. Sunday afternoon was spent sorting through Miss M's clothes and pulling out some bigger stuff that I want to get out and ready for when the weather starts to warm up. And now it's bathtime...

As I recount it all here, it sounds incredibly mundane and boring.

It's one of the best weekends I've had in a while.