Monday, March 2, 2009

It's only 9am...

...and I've already seen someone doing a good deed today. While standing in line at Tim Horton's, I watched a guy cut up from the back of the line to pay for the current customer's order. The customer was a soldier, clearly buying not just coffee, but his lunch for the day (unless he starts his day with a sandwich? Huh, maybe.).

Anyways, this large man walked up from the back of the line, and asked the soldier if he could pay for his order. The soldier agreed, and said thank you. The large man replied, "No man. Thank you."

It was a small thing. I mean it's only lunch. But I think it made everyone standing there feel a little better about the world.


PS - yes, that was the ooshy-gushy-touchy-feely-happy post of the year.


Freckles said...

Wow, what a great story. Thanks for sharing :)

MC said...

That's awesome!

debbie said...

OH that was so sad I mean good I mean OHHHHHHHH goooshy
love grama