Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is our life - aka Snippets

  • We had a follow up appointment to check Katie's weight progress today. In two weeks she's gained 4 ounces - which puts her at 13 lbs 13 oz as a 7 month old - still not even registering on the growth charts. Our "fantastic" (heavy, sarcastic air quotes being used here) family doc isn't worried - thinks all is fine, because you know, she looks okay. I requested quite strongly for a pediatrician referral and she finally gave up arguing with me and said okay. So now, we wait and see what he says...
  • Maddie started ballet last Thursday - through the community rec program (meaning it was only $30 for 7 weeks - which suits my cheapass just f.i.n.e.). She loves it but is clearly the youngest and possibly least coordinated kid in there. I watch her clomp around the gym with a massive grin on her (and my) face... best $30 I ever spent.
  • The Hubs was awarded with a 4 day holiday in Mexico in March from his employer and I'm.... not so much looking forward to it (yes, you can punch me in the face right now). It's not that I don't crave some sunshine and escape from the winter - but it also means 4 days away from my Kates (Maddie too - but let's face it - she'll probably barely notice we're gone). The Hubs refuses to even entertain the idea that we bring her along with us. Oh and it also means I need to find a bathing suit that covers, erm... EVERYTHING. I may pop over to 1928 and buy a suit from then.
  • That being said - I am trying to make good on my resolution to lose weight - I even attended a spin class yesterday. It fucking hurt. At the time it hurt - you know how much it hurts the next day when it already hurts while you're doing it? Let's just say, going up or down stairs was tragic for me today. TRAGIC.
Yep - that's us in a nutshell right now...


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why do kids do this?

Tonight, while eating a pre-dinner snack of frozen peas...

Maddie: I think a pea came out of my nose.

Me: I don't think so. Unless you put one up there - DID you put one up there??

Maddie: No.

10 seconds later

Maddie: I think there's a pea up my nose.

Me: How did it get there? Did you put a pea up your nose? You're too old for this...

Maddie: I didn't. Maybe Katie did it.

In the end the pea was too far up for any kind of extraction - and while trying to get her to blow it out (while blocking the other nostril) it disappeared. I think she may have sucked it up so high it went into her throat. At least I hope that's what happened. I don't see it anymore...


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven Months

Dear Katie,

What to say this month? Your personality is getting stronger and louder and more growly (yes, growl-y)... I think we're going to have our hands full with you. Is it possible there's a stronger, more stubborn, more opinionated person in this household than me? I think, perhaps, yes...

Having been on solids for over a month there's still nothing that makes you crazy happy - no little bird with her mouth wide open here. Most meals are spent with you fussing or groaning or (yes) growling your way through it. You are (marginally) happier if you have your own spoon to play with - and you shut the hell up if we give you something in the mesh feeder or a cookie or some other self-feeding/gnawing item. What with all this behaviour and your tendency to grab desperately at anything on my plate or within reaching distance while on my lap, my conclusion is this: I think you're D.O.N.E. with the baby food. Trust me kid - I can't wait I can just throw some things on your tray and let you go to town --- but I'm pretty sure you need to be eating the pureed stuff a bit longer. We'll see - I recently acquired a baby food mill and with that means you can start eating (or getting a taste of) what we're eating. Mmmmmmm!

I'd love to say that all this eating and nursing every couple of hours means you're busting out of your clothes - but nope. You're tiny. Alarmingly so, in fact - and so we will have another appointment with the doctor next week to check your weight again and see if you've managed to get back on the growth charts you so recently fell off of. That being said - you don't LOOK small. You're still roly poly and have chunkamonk thighs - but the scale says what the scale says...

In other, happier news - you added a new skill this month. SITTING. You love to sit and pay with an assortment of toys around you. Rarely falling backwards anymore - I still put the pillow behind you just in case - but you'll sit without toppling for an hour at a time. This also means you're within licking distance of the dog - luckily you and Seamus are developing a lovely little bond - you protest his "kisses" far less than the washcloth cleaning your face after a meal.

The sleep - well, it's still up and down. We've done a bit of sleep training this month, because the hour long routine of rocking/walking/patting of the bum was getting a bit - tiresome - to say the least. And so you've cried far more than you or I or Daddy would like. It's not been fun. And you are STUBBORN. You fight sleep. You hate to see someone leave your room. You protest it all. LOUDLY. Oh Katie - please just learn to love sleep like the rest of us do. Because damn... I need to buy shares in cover up for the dark circles beneath my eyes.

We're going to be starting baby sign language class. I loved this with your sister and I think it would be a nice change for us to go to a class where there's other babies, instead of being carted around to 3 year old classes/groups. And you're already so interested whenever I'm signing to you - such a smart girl...

That is you my Kates - strong willed (already), stubborn (already), but still an absolute sweetheart that loves to flirt with Daddy, throws her arms up in the air and grunt/smile/grunt whenever I walk in the room, and smile while reachreachreaching for Maddie whenever she's near.

Just making yourself known... I get it. And love you for it.


PS - the eye colour? Is still kind of changing - sometimes it's grey, often it's hazel, and sometimes (thankfully rarely) it's a light brown... Don't think it's decided just yet. But blue? Not even on the radar anymore...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a milestone day!

Maddie just went to her first dentist appointment. She was (understandably) trepidatious - regardless of how much I tried to hype it up as a fun, exciting event - she was onto my game and eyed everyone in the office as warily as you should eye up a "helpful" stranger whilst backpacking thru Europe.

When the dentist came in I almost laughed out loud. Because he was tall. Like, really really fucking tall. So tall that it was hilarious - you know? (Am I the only one that wants to laugh out loud at really tall people? Is that strange?)

He was, of course, lovely and thankfully resisted rolling his eyes at me when I a) preemptively apologized for the state of her teeth and/or cavities (blaming her juice habit like one apologizes for their crazy alcoholic grandfather), b) tried to sit on the chair with her and only succeeded in swiveling it around at top speed whilst he was trying to patiently explain the instruments to her, and c) insisted on taking a look in her mouth when he said "yes, she does have her 2nd molars" like he wasn't the expert or something?

And so - no cavities, no (lasting) trauma, and she got to pick out a "prize" from the "treasure chest". And another milestone chalked up for Maddie...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She survived

Katiebear that is - she survived. Go Hubs at keeping daughter #2 alive and well and (relatively) happy for 24 hours! And a big shout out to the MIL for playing wingman and helping out - I know he couldn't have done it without you!

The highs? When she was happy, she was very very happy... she played, she smiled, she flirted. The lows? She refused every.single.bottle. Apparently they tried hot, they tried cold, they tried cold with ice. It was served in 4 different types of bottles (including the "just like breast!" Tommee Tippee bottle I picked up the day before I left - guess what Tommee? You're not just like breast and Katie HATES you!).

The kid hates bottles. This is definitely a "chalk one up for the parenting fail" column ... we were lazy in early months and she's stubborn.

Instead she ate A LOT of cereal. Cereal all day. Cereal before naps. Cereal at 12:30am when she woke up looking for some comfort.

And how did she repay all these efforts? By sleeping thru until 7am. Yay them. They got more sleep than I did. Stupid hard uncomfortable hotel mattress...

And so experiment in MommaFreedom worked. You can in fact leave a 6 month old with 2 very capable adults for full 24 hours. She will survive and you don't (necessarily) have to drink your way through coping with the guilt.

But the cosmos tasted oh so good...


PS - I'd post a recap of my weekend with the ladies - but really, all you need is a nutshell: Spa=relaxation. Shopping=FUN. Drinking/Laughing/Primping in hotel room=hilarious. Dinner in private room=delicious and fancyschmancy. Dancing=lame as fuck (not because we're old, but because the DJ was horrible).
But didn't we all look purty?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When I grow up I'm going to get drunk and go dancing

What do you do when you're turning 35? THIRTY. FIVE.

First you have a heart attack and wonder what the hell happened - because dude, 35? That's FOR SURE grown up material. I can't start sentences with "When I grow up I'm gonna...." anymore. I need to buy sensible furniture and think about how much I'm putting into RRSP's and eat bran everyday.

Put another way - 35 is a whole 'nother AGE BRACKET. I've gotten used to ticking the "25-34" age bracket when I sign up for something. It's a nice age bracket. I remember being 25. That means 34 isn't so old right? Since they group us in with the 25 year olds...

Age bracket of 35-44 is a bit lack-luster. It's boring grown-up-ville where I buy Cheese Whiz and worry about the weather and forget to sign permission forms. I'm mere steps away from getting a sensible haircut!

And so - this weekend... I've gathered some good girlfriends. I've rented the largest suite Pantages Hotel has to offer. I've bought a cocktail dress that (sort of) hides all my mom-body-frump. I have 4 pairs of shoes/booties/shabooties shortlisted for consideration. I have the spa booked. I have dinner at a fancy-shmancy "Supper Club" booked. We are on the guest list at a dance club where we've been promised not to be the "oldest" people in attendance.

We will be pampered. We will drink. We will laugh and dance and talk and dance. And then we will drink some more.

I'm terrified of leaving my bebe overnight when she doesn't take a bottle and is a total mom-suck. I'm terrified that I don't have the stamina for a "session" after becoming so old and decrepit. I'm terrified that I will not be able to pull off the electric blue tights that I plan on wearing.

But I'm looking far too effing forward to it all to let it bother me that much.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6 month stats

So Katie had her 6 month shots today - which she took like a champ (of course). All looks great - but a little concerning was her weight gain (or lack thereof). She weighed in at 13 lbs 9 oz. When you plot that on the chart that puts her off the graph - as in, she doesn't register on the growth charts... super. awesome.

Of course our fabulous family doctor is "not concerned" and suggested that we make an appointment in another 6 weeks to check on her weight gain.

Um, I'm no doctor, but that seems a bit late to be checking progress in my opinion... Especially as she's pooping about 6 times a day and it's all very mucousy and green and gross. Personally, I'm a little worried she may have a milk allergy (did you know dry milk powder is the 2nd ingredient in all baby cereals? I didn't even know to check until today, and there it is - hi milk!)... so we're avoiding the baby cereals and keeping to plain fruits, veg and some chicken for the next few days to see if it makes any difference. And if it doesn't, I'll be asking for a pediatrician referral. Because I'm neurotic like that...

In other (happier, more normal) news - she's 26-1/4 inches long - which puts her in the 25th percentile for height. Yay! Long, skinny bebe.

Gratuitous Katie pic doing tongue acrobatics


Monday, January 10, 2011


A little late to the announcement.... but we got a dog! He came to live with us on December 27th by way of an early birthday surprise courtesy of the Hubs. Yes, he who had vowed no dogs for our house at least for another 2 years.

My sister-in-law's mom is a breeder of Westies and she had one last pup to sell - who wasn't going to be registered because he had a floppy ear or something like that... Small dog, non-shedding, happy, good-natured breed - check check check! So I had sent the email of photos and info onto the Hubs with a message of something like, "PUUUUUUUHHHHHH-LLLLEEEEEAAAAASSEEEE".

And he smiled and said, "Nope - we absolutely can't handle another thing to take care of right now."

I was pissed, and annoyed, and thought I could convince him around - but I was also sick as a mother-effin' dog and had a lot of the fight zapped out of me. So while I grumbled, I really didn't mount an incredible fuss.

Little did I know he had already emailed the breeder, made arrangements for a delivery and gave her the heads up that his wife may send an email back telling her no, and that she should just ignore any correspondence from me.

This was such a surprise for me and kudos to the Hubs as it's totally not his style to be super-stealth and arrange things behind my back like this. I had NO idea it was happening, or that it was even a possibility... he played his part well and I truly had no inkling he had caved.

And so December 27th - he headed out to pick up something from the store, and returned, with... a puppy!

Seamus came knowing his name, paper-trained, and a pure cuddle monkey. He's the perfect addition - already a momma's boy and has Maddie trained to feed him parts of her dinner at mealtime.

He's learning to go outside (this is a long, tortuous affair when I'm all distracted by the other little monkey) and he won't stop eating his own poop or digging in my garden... but at the end of the day, when the girls are tucked into bed and I'm finally getting to enjoy some "me time", he hops up onto the couch and snuggles up and makes me forgive all.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolve this...

I've always been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions (apparently such a big fan that I CAPITALIZE it)... fresh start. Putting your best foot forward. Making a change for the better... it's always so intriguing to try and be a better person, you know?

Last year I attempted to become a nicer person. Well, actually I think I tried to be more patient (as I really hate being nice). I give myself a 5 out of 10 on successfulness. Having a 3 year old actually forces you to be more patient and yet at the same time makes it almost impossible to be.  And if you asked the Hubs, he'd probably disagree I'd made any progress... Heh. Guess what? Trying to change your personality is probably not best done via New Year's Resolutions.

So... instead - this year, I'm going all cliché... and I've made my goal to be to lose 25 pounds. Now this will actually require some sort of effort right? Like hitting up the gorgeous club-quality elliptical I have in my basement? Possibly. Maybe even attending a class or two of something somewhere? Most to the likely. And not eating leftover Christmas shortbread before bed every evening... yeah - that's probably gotta end.

I'd love to say I'm  going to take an official "before" picture and then chronicle my progress here. But eff it - that'd just be a snoozefest for us all, and let's be real... you're not seeing my "before" pic. That's just a.... no.

But I did want to put it out there. I'm always far more accountable when I've actually made my "declaration". Or I just feel even more guilty when I fall hard and fast off the wagon. Whatever.

So it has been declared. So it will be.

(That sound official enough?)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday recap in haiku

holiday sickness again
sleepless nights survival mode
bite me tradition

presents under tree
grandparents keep their promise
one toy  for each girl

santa brought us skates
so many rinks being built
skating toddler ~ scary

a quiet new years
warm milk reece bites and bebe
perfection for me

early birthday surprise
little westie pup for me
seamus welcome home