Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolve this...

I've always been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions (apparently such a big fan that I CAPITALIZE it)... fresh start. Putting your best foot forward. Making a change for the better... it's always so intriguing to try and be a better person, you know?

Last year I attempted to become a nicer person. Well, actually I think I tried to be more patient (as I really hate being nice). I give myself a 5 out of 10 on successfulness. Having a 3 year old actually forces you to be more patient and yet at the same time makes it almost impossible to be.  And if you asked the Hubs, he'd probably disagree I'd made any progress... Heh. Guess what? Trying to change your personality is probably not best done via New Year's Resolutions.

So... instead - this year, I'm going all cliché... and I've made my goal to be to lose 25 pounds. Now this will actually require some sort of effort right? Like hitting up the gorgeous club-quality elliptical I have in my basement? Possibly. Maybe even attending a class or two of something somewhere? Most to the likely. And not eating leftover Christmas shortbread before bed every evening... yeah - that's probably gotta end.

I'd love to say I'm  going to take an official "before" picture and then chronicle my progress here. But eff it - that'd just be a snoozefest for us all, and let's be real... you're not seeing my "before" pic. That's just a.... no.

But I did want to put it out there. I'm always far more accountable when I've actually made my "declaration". Or I just feel even more guilty when I fall hard and fast off the wagon. Whatever.

So it has been declared. So it will be.

(That sound official enough?)


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