Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sugar in my coffee? No ta, I'm sweet enough...

I've always embraced the New Year's Resolution tradition. Loved that whole concept of "fresh year, fresh start" blah blah blah bloopy blah. Except when it actually came to, you know, keeping those resolutions. Like most of you, I expect.

This year I had cheekily told a friend that I was resolving to be a "nicer person" for 2010. We both laughed at that.

Because, really? Aren't lofty, generalized resolutions like this, kind of bullshit? Unless you came up with a solid, structured game plan of how you are planning on accomplishing them. Which then means your resolution is now about 10 different resolutions that you have to keep. And dude, that's just getting a little too complicated.

Anyways, I've decided that I'm not all that interested in being "nicer". Because that would take real effort, you know?

Like, not rolling my eyes at dumbasses. Or laughing at inappropriate times. Or talking like a sailor... And that's just at work. bab-dum-bum-chshshhh (that's a drum roll you get after a funny joke - get it? har. har.)

Seriously though. I give stuff to charity, sometimes. And I try to recycle as much as humanely possible. I correct my daughter on her P's & Q's. I totally brake for small animals crossing the street.

But in examining my niceness in comparison to the average person's "nice-appeal", I think maybe my short-coming is really just my lack of patience. Which I totally blame on my parents - because genetics are an awesome blame-shifter, non?

So, since I've perhaps pin-pointed a possible area that I could improve as a person, let's use that as a focus, shall we?

For 2010, I resolve to be more patient. With family and friends mainly. And maybe the elderly. But not annoying or idiot strangers in a parking lot. That's just asking too much.


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Melissa said...

Agreed Sara... patience is a better (and more specific) resolution than being nicer. I mean, who's to say what being "nice" even means? I always thought of it as the opposite of mean... and you aren't mean. Just occasionally bitchy, right? ;)

But aren't we all.