Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two, too.

My dearest little Kates,

Yesterday you turned two and I officially grew up. I have a toddler and a kindergartener. There are no more babies in this house. In fact, I actually packed up bags (yes, plural!) of baby toys and teethers and rattles the other day and gave them away. No. More. Babies.

Except let's be realistic, you're still my baby girl. You, my cuddly spider-monkey. You, my bottle-obsessed, strong-minded, stuck-in-her-ways 80 yr old in a two-year old's body. You don't like change. You like your routines. It's Momma who puts you to bed every night, thankyouverynuch (even tho you still call me Daddy from time to time). And it's Daddy who wakes you up every morning.

These past six months you have grown so much and I feel like I've missed so much. Momma works now and only gets to see you for a couple of hours a day. Daddy is the one who gets you up and ready for the day, the one who is usually home to make dinner first. But now I'm the lucky one who gets the excited squeals when I walk in the door after a long day away from my girls. And giggly runs toward me and the insistent "uppy" so I carry you around for the rest of the night. We may not see each other nearly enough, but when we do, you make sure to eke the most physical contact you can out of it. I love your spider monkey grip around my neck - and the special squeezy hugs you give me to tell me just how happy you are that I'm home.

Our little grump we started calling you in your babyhood, you still give the best crook-eye to strangers and friends alike, I love your suspicion of the world. You make people earn your smiles. But oh, when we do, you are a captive audience, demanding, "again!" to any amusing fancy.

Your favourite things lately include tickle monster (or just, "monsta!" as you call it), naming colours, and of course, Max & Ruby. Inherited from your sister, your obsession with Max is never-ending.

You also love the newest "toy" in the house - the iPad (or just "pad!") as you call it - and you're constantly demanding "share! daddy share!" so you can get your fair shake at the fun. And yes, you say that to everyone, whether it's daddy or not. Everyone is Daddy when you're demanding something, or just telling us to look at something. Daddy loves this quirk, just so's you know. I'm looking forward to being called momma on a regular basis sometime soon though...

You watch Maddie so closely and mimic whatever she does. You truly are the little sister looking up to her big sis, and luckily she adores you right back. You two are already two peas in a pod and I see the mischievous looks between you two - it makes me envious for a sister. I love that you two have one another and I can't imagine any better, more challenging and loving combination than your two personalities. Where you're eager to jump right in, she is patient. Where she is sensitive you will give strength. You compliment each other in such an amazing way, I can't wait to see your sisterhood grow.

And so it is you, my darling Kates, who came along and completed our little family. My strong-headed, daring little bull of a child, a mighty munchkin. Thank you for choosing us. You have taught us all so many things these past two years and I look forward to being challenged by your very two-ness this year. Your determination inspires me. And your squeezy-hugs melt me.

We love you Katie bear, you crazy, outrageous pint-sized animal! Please continue to make me belly-laugh every day and I promise to try my very best to do the same for you.