Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Is it a generational thing, or are we all just super classy?

I'm not sure - but it seems like the F-word is a tad (LOT) more prevalent.

I remember as a kid, hearing my mom say the F-word meant she was really pissed or hurt or frustrated. Nowadays, I hear it at work, in a meeting. When I chat with my neighbours. Um - in my own house (A LOT).

In my youth, I dissected society's more blasé usage of the word with friends over cocktails. How it has become an adverb, an adjective. A way to express oneself.

And now, I'm like, whoa potty-mouth. Haven't you noticed there's a kid present?

So we've taken the following actions. I poke or raise my eyebrows or simply correct Hubby's language when he makes a slip. And when I make a slip, he.... does nothing.

It's not that he doesn't agree that we should not be swearing around Miss M, but it's gotten to the point that I honestly don't think he even notices how often he uses the word, so there's no trigger, no way to self-edit.

It's lame and it's tacky and it's a bit embarrassing to admit.

It hasn't sunk in yet. But you know she's just waiting for that perfect time to drop the F-bomb. Because she's a smart cookie that one. Her vocab is definitely over 50 words. Dudes, remember - she's starting to articulate her feelings!!

The day is coming when she will start to pepper her burgeoning sentences with this oh-so-expressive term.

That will be the day that I shrink back into my MomShell with humiliation and die.



grama said...

Yes like grampa says it allot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I think you just notice it more, because you have a little one. I can't say that I notice it... although most of my social interactions are at work, and a children's hospital isn't exactly a place you'd expect to hear the f-bomb!

Vone said...

Yep, it's used to much in our house too and yes Lilo has said it. She seems to understand not to use it though, let's hope, school starts in the fall so we'll see if she gets sent home for swearing :)