Monday, July 13, 2009

It ended on a low note

The weekend that is.

Friday night was good - I did some late night grocery shopping (ever shopped at 9pm? It's a wasteland so it takes about 5 minutes), we watched the season premier of Big Brother together. It was a lazy, relaxing way to start the weekend.

Saturday morning Maddie and I made our "healthy freezes" - I used a maple leaf shaped cookie cutter, and I have to say, it's totally our next year's treat for Canada Day. I must get a pic to post here. The rest of the day was household errands and chores - not fun, but necessary. Saturday night we hosted a bbq dinner of ribs and baked potatoes and corn (because we're simple like that) - our BBF's came over and Maddie fawned all over Baby C.

Sunday morning we went berry picking - it was a blast (see below for a pic, or see Flickr for more). Maddie had so much fun in the strawberry patch, and (apparently) had a tonne of fun visiting the animals and the playground while I did the raspberry picking. Sidebar: Pingle's in Courtice is possible the coolest family fun farm in the whole wide world.

Sunday afternoon was spent outside in the sun, doing a bit of yardwork and playing around.

All of a sudden, Maddie wants to go inside.

Um - that's not my kid. She NEVER wants to go inside. But, in fairness, she had been outside since 9am (aside from her nap of course), so we figured maybe she just needed a rest and some tv - h'okay.

Fast-forward about 15 minutes, when I joined her in the living room, took one look at her and asked her if she wanted a cuddle with Mommy. She looked at me with Zombie Glass Eyes, and nodded, slowly.

I picked her up - she was burning up. Like so hot to the touch I yelled out for Seth to bring the thermometer "NOW"ish.

First reading = 105 (yes I'm a Fahrenheit person - I'm metric everywhere else except height, weight and temperatures, oh - and cooking, um - let's face it, I'm as metric as an American...)

Second reading (because our super-fancy-expensive ear thermometer is so reliable like that) = 103.5

Third reading = 102.9 (oooh - I think - it's dropping, maybe just a freakish random fever, those happen, right?)

Fourth reading = 104.6 (er, yeah...)

She started to complain that she was cold, so we got her a blanket. Which apparently was made of barbed wire, because as soon as we got her cuddled in it, she wanted it "OFF OFF OFF".

I handed her to Seth so I could get a cold washcloth. As I did it, I watched her go a marvelous shade of green. Her eyes glassed over even more (if that was possible). And in slow motion, I watched her heave herself backwards and then forwards with a "urgh".


A few more heaves. We stripped her in the dining room, leaving a pile of clothes, with the tea towel I caught the 2nd wave with, her blanket and Seth's shirt.

Into the tub I cradled her - she was a miserable, clingy little mess. And then she threw up all over us again.

It's amazing how motherhood can strip you of all your "squeamishness" when you have sick child in your arms. I had us both dressed and cleaned up before I could blink. And since all that throwing up was such hard work, she was fast asleep.

It was only 5pm. All that happened in under 45 minutes. Amazing how a child can go from running around with a popsicle in her hand, yelling, "Maddie Happy! Maddie Happy! Maddie Mommy Happy! Maddie Daddy Happy!" (yes you can smile at that - it was possibly more adorable than it sounds - and ps, how F'ing cool is it that she understands how to express an emotion using her words?), from that to a clinging miserable vomit-y little mess that is looking at me with desperation that I make the bad feelings go away. Under 45 minutes. Weirdness.

So, as you can imagine - what was a fantastic, relaxing, family weekend turned into a nightmarish night with wakeups and fevers and worrying and etc.

She didn't go to daycare today and still has a fever of 102. But no more vomit. Woo-to-the-hoo.

In search of the perfect berry.

Maddie eating possibly her 10324th strawberry that morning.


Kelly said...

Ahhh, sounds familiar...good times.

grama said...

awwwwwwww you guys are soooooooo cute love grama

Melissa said...

I bet the vomit was strawberry-colored.