Friday, July 10, 2009

Healthy "Freeze"

A big huge thank you shout out to Vone (she of the inspired "How to do... Something" blog - where she gives you all these really cool ideas that you can make or do with your kids, or on your own - although be warned, she is far craftier than the average mortal, and therefore you may leave her site feeling more than a little inadequate...), for giving me the heads up on this site.

The site of my dreams. A site with some super-cool, and healthy, do-it-yourself "freeze" ideas.

I will be buying the biggest damn watermelon I can find this weekend and making these with Miss Maddie. I figure it might also be a fun "craft" she can help me with.


PS - we may have uncovered the real reason for the recent Freeze obsession (not that she doesn't have pure true love for popsicles - but perhaps why she needs 5, yes FIVE! a night lately) Miss M apparently is going through another teething stage. Finally getting her eye teeth. For reals this time ... I can feel the top ones starting to poke through.

PPS - hi name is Sara and my daughter is the *worst* teether in the world. And possibly the slowest.


Deb said...

That is the best idea in the world! In fact I loved it so much, we bought some fun cookie cutter shapes the day after I read your blog and made them. Now Austin has a freezer-full of dinosaurs and stars and little gingerbread men watermelon-sicles! (I'd say Alex too, but oddly enough she doesn't like anything cold, like ice cream and freezies.)

Vone said...

I tried them this morning - Lilo had a few bites before her nap, so did I. Very yummy.