Monday, April 16, 2007

A sick weekend

What a way to spend the weekend - poor Seth had to take care of me for the past 3 days because I've been seriously under the weather. What started with some nausea and grossness early Friday morning has carried through all the way to today. Needless to say, there's not much to report on our past weekend - but I'll try...

Friday, since I was off sick from work, I went out and rented a few movies - Pursuit of Happyness (for me to watch that afternoon, as Seth had ZERO interest in watching it - according to him, the entire plot and meaning of the movie could be gathered from the preview - I say, cynic....) + Bobby. Seth had a busy busy day at work, so he came home exhausted (as usual) and sadly enough, we didn't have enough energy to watch Bobby, and were actually in bed before 10pm.

The next day I thought I was feeling better, so I headed up to Markham with Seth in tow - the plan was for me to pick up Liz and make our way over to the Baby Show in Mississauga, and for Seth and Greg to chill out, doing what boys do - drink beer, watch sports, play xbox. Well, the Baby Show wasn't as rife with giveaways as one would be led to believe, and the walking around for the couple of hours we were there killed my fragile health state. We made our way back to Markham, I met G&L's new member of their family (and still-nameless puppy), and Seth and I headed home. I knew before I even got home that going out that day was a mistake - and I paid for it dearly on Sunday - which I spent literally, sleeping, all day.

Seth on the other hand actually had some energy and got out of our quarantined house for some baseball practice in the cold weather. Nice way for him to spend the afternoon - especially as I was hogging the couch all day.

So that's it - no other news here. I woke up still feeling really crappy, and decided to call in sick again (honestly, can't remember when I was last sick for 4 days - insane), and take myself to the doctor. Of course there's nothing they can do for me - they don't exactly dole out antibiotics to preggers that easily - so this sinus/fever whatever-I-have just needs to 'run it's course'. Blech.

Sorry for the boring post - hoping to have much more interesting news for you next update!

Love to all - S&S

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter weekend and promised pics

Finally a long weekend that actually felt like one! Don't you love getting Fridays off vs Mondays? I think it's because the week really does feel shorter, so you get the full advantage of enjoying every minute of the long weekend.

So we spent the early part of Friday morning just lazing around catching up on some shows we had PVR'd, and the later half of the morning cleaning and doing laundry (ah, the joys of domestic bliss). Seth took off to Greg's to watch some well-anticipated Masters tourney in the afternoon, while I ended up crashing on the couch watching a few movies (all good intentions of doing the work I brought home with me this weekend still being procrastinated as we speak!). That night I went to the movies with my friend Liz (The Reaping - it's ok, but more of a "renter") and Seth hit the Firkin to hang w/ the guys, playing some Golden Tee and darts. Liz and I popped by the bar after the movie to check in with the lads, and they were all well on their way, so after a few hours I dragged Seth's ass home, as he had to work on Sat morning (don't feel sorry for him, he had a very 'good' Friday). Seth was home by 1pm and his parents, Debbie & Shorty got up to Toronto by 1:30 - they were visiting for the weekend.

We took them down to the Eaton Centre to do some weekend shopping - it was a madhouse - absolute zoo! Seth got a couple of shirts from Abercrombie (bday presents from the parents) and we headed back uptown to stop in at the Firkin for a bite to eat and some more drinks. Afterwards we headed back to our place to get changed for dinner and watch the start of the hockey game. Around 8:30 we headed back downtown to the Keg for dinner - it was packed as well (the joys of living in the city for a long weekend), but we finally got a table and had a fabulous dinner.

This morning Debbie treated us all to a yummy breakfast (that she brought up pre-prepared with her - we're spoiled!) and by noon they were off. Seth spent the rest of the day watching the Masters + hockey - disappointed in the outcome of both - oh well. I continue to procrastinate not opening up the computer to do the work I desperately need to get done for tomorrow - it's going to be a late night I think - oh well.

That's our weekend in a nutshell folks - and of course, as promised - here's the pics of the house from last weekend....How cute is it that we got a pic of us with the SOLD sign?

Our lovely kitchen - finally a kitchen I can be proud of!

Our living room/sitting area - it's small, but will be perfect for a few bookshelves. And PS - how cute is my husband - look at that big smile on his face!

And this is our family room - right off the kitchen, with a gas fireplace - yes!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What's new?

Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve been so poor at posting the updates after our Dominican holiday. Yikes – sorry people! Will definitely try to do better in the future.

So what news can we share with you – lots actually. We bought a house in the last week of February – up in Brooklin, which is just north of Whitby, so still ‘GTA-ish’, although it’s now long-distance. Yes, living in a long-distance zone from Toronto is giving me heart palpitations. And I think lowering Seth’s blood pressure.

Our house is adorable. The lovely thing about living in a long-distance zone is that the prices drop like a stone up there. So we got our 9 year old house for under $300k. I know you’re supposed to be coy about how much you paid for your house, but really, you’re all family and I hate that secretive bullshit. So yeah, we paid not that much really, for a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house with a brand new kitchen and stainless steel appliances – yessssss!

Bonuses of the house that we are looking sooooo forward to?

  • A backyard. This is probably first and foremost, because we miss grass, I miss tanning and Seth misses BBQ’ing. And hopefully this means we can start to repay all the entertaining we have enjoyed at friends’ houses as much as we’ve always wanted to.
  • A dishwasher. I’m not going to lie to you. We both hate doing dishes more than anything else in the world. Well, except maybe Seth and cleaning the bathroom, it’s like drinking and driving – they just don’t mix. Yes, every time I see a commercial for Jet Dry, I get a little bit more excited.
  • An unfinished basement. If we had found a house with a basement finished to perfection (like our lucky friends did), we would have jumped on it. But aside from that, unfinished I think is the 2nd best option. Because now we can finish to our own taste. And to be honest, that’s a FUN home-reno project, because really, it’s just an Adults Playroom.
  • A double-car garage. Such a rarity with (smaller) new houses that we really lucked in on this one. Love that we still don’t have to worry about cleaning off ice/snow like we’ve so not become accustomed to with our luxury underground parking the past 5 years.
  • Central air. Another bonus to those of us that have still been suffering with in-window air conditioners for many years. It will be wonderful.
  • A gorgeous kitchen. This was actually what I went into each and every house hoping to see. I mean, you’re looking at 2-3 year old houses and the kitchens are still crap. I just wasn’t getting it. And then we saw this house, and honestly, I think it was one of the biggest selling points.
  • A fireplace. I realize that my romantic notions of evenings in front of the fireplace are never going to happen, but I can’t remember when I haven’t longed to have a house with a fireplace (woodstove not counting), and now we have one. Gas, but still, a fireplace.

I know there’s more – but the list is long enough, you get the picture. Needless to say, Seth and I are super excited about finally getting the house that we’ve been talking about wanting for years. It’s like it’s all falling together.

And of course, I saved the other (best) little nugget of news for last… we’re preggers! Well, technically it’s just me that’s knocked up, but for some reason people always announce it like it’s happening to ‘us’. And I suppose it is in a way. Except for the 6 week morning sickness. Or the cramping. Or the gas / bloating. Or the headaches. Or the insatiable hunger. Yeah, that doesn’t appear to be happening to Seth. Well, maybe the gas… ;)

I actually plan on posting some belly shots soon – so you can monitor ‘our’ progress. And while ‘we’re’ only 13 weeks, there’s definitely a pouch. Bye bye abs.

So we move into our house at the end of August and ‘we’ are due October 4th. Yes, it’s all happening at once. Which is just the way we like to do things I guess (4 month engagement/wedding planning anyone?) … lots of changes for us Valliers coming up. Good changes. Big changes. Scary changes.

:) S&S

PS - I promise I will post both pics soon