Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lobbying for Quilts

So in my imagination, I had imagined Maddie's new big girl bed with a lovingly found classic handmade quilt in beautiful shades of pink with a hint of chocolate brown here and there (to keep with her current room decor - because I'm lazy and don't want to have to find new drapes for her room as well). Except - browsing Etsy for a specific style of quilt is very much like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

It was suggested to me (more than once - which in itself is kind of laughable) that I should just find fabric that I like and make the quilt myself. Hahahahahahha. HA. I don't even know how to begin making drapes or throw pillows - I think a quilt may just be a bit out of my reach.

And so I (grudgingly) started to look more mainstream. The Pottery Barns, the Targets, and other mass-producers of quilts. So what if it wouldn't necessarily become an heirloom. Perhaps I would eventually find one at a craft show that I liked - and until then, this could (would) do...

So... in the spirit of getting opinions from my dear readers (which by the way - thank you to all those that weighed in on yesterday's dilemma - especially you Facebookers - wow - I've got a vocal group of friends - thank you!) I thought I'd put up a few options of ones we're looking at/considering and see what you think. I'm not going to let any preconceptions sway you - so I'm just going to post the pics by numbers - not by source. You tell me your top pick in the comments! Oh and please keep in mind - her current room is a pink on pink stripe (very soft, petal shade) with accents of chocolate brown here and there (like the drapes I don't necessarily want to replace and some name/letters I painted for her when she was a bebe).








Denise said...

Ooh very pretty, here's my vote, in order of preference:

L. said...

I love #1.

Rob said...

Vone went the "find your own fabric" route with Lilo's bed - but instead of making a quilt from scratch, she just made a duvet cover. Same efect in the end (almost).

Sara...noH said...

Rob - I'm not sure why I need to remind you of this, but your wife's sewing skills and my sewing skills are not exactly on the same level. Fuck me, they're not even in the same universe.

But if she wants to make me a quilt - let me know! ;-)

Mary Lynn said...

I love 1 and 3.

I couldn't possibly make a quilt either!

Deb said...

My faves are 1 and 3 -- no order preference there. And I'm with you, the idea of making a quilt, even 'just a duvet cover' as Rob said is a obscene idea to me. I could never ever ever make something like that.

Anonymous said...
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