Sunday, September 24, 2006

Birthday parties, concerts and more!

Well this weekend was a busy one for Seth & Sara - we didn't do much on Friday night as Seth had a leaving party for one of his employees and by the time he got home, we were both pretty knackered.

Saturday was spent cleaning (of course) and Seth left mid-afternoon to do a bbq party before heading with some of his friends to the Tool concert at the Molson Amphitheatre - from all accounts it was a pretty fun concert.

Sara left early evening to a birthday dinner being held at Rob & Vone's - our friend Vone just turned 30 (well, on Monday) so Robbie decided to make a huge fabulous dinner (with the help of some of his more talented culinary friends) - we had mussels, lots of cheese and huge helpings of paella - very yummy. It was a great party and was fun to see everyone - a tonne of people showed up and it was great to catch up with a few that we hadn't seen in a while. Seth decided to pop by after the concert, and after a few more bevvies we headed home.

Sunday's been pretty quiet - Seth watching football and Sara trying to get motivated to start her scrapbook from a long-ago Europe trip (photos that have never made it into an album). It looks like this week is going to be a busy work week, and next weekend we have a mystery dinner party at a friend's place - haven't got our characters yet, but it should be a fun fun time!

Cheers ... s&s

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kingston and lots of football for Seth

Another weekend spent apart for the Valliers - it's funny how we can both be so busy with so many different weekends. Seth spent the past 2 weekends away from Toronto, and this past weekend Sara did a quick roadtrip to Kingston to celebrate a friend's 30th b-day and visit some much-neglected family.

Seth on the otherhand, was actually in Toronto for the weekend - he had to work on Saturday, so couldn't make it to Kingston for the visit - and so instead spent much of his Saturday at work and then at Greg's house playing videogames and likely playing poker until the wee hours of the morning. (Although this really is all conjecture, as he never really filled me in on what happened on Sat night - except the fact that it was a late night - and then early morning Sunday golfing -
I just happened to find him in various states of consciousness on Sunday night when I finally got home from my weekend - the poor boy was wiped out.)

Sara's weekend in Kingston was fantastic though - Friday night arrival was late and she went straight to bed. Saturday was spent with her mom shopping (successful shopping) and then Saturday night was her friend's b-day party - which was a blast and fantastically put on by her parents. Sunday, Sara spent a few hours visiting with her Dad and getting some work + MBA advice, and the latter half was spent with Liz and her sister (fighting) in the car home... haha.

That was the weekend in a nutshell - poor Seth is in Niagara Falls all week for a work conference and Sara is left on her lonesome again, boo hoo. This weekend looks like it will turn out to be a productive one and fun - another 30th b-day party planned for Sat night, while Seth goes with the boys to a Tool concert.

But we'll have to fill you in on all that later ... sorry if this post was confusing with the 1st person sequitur ... it's hard to write in the 3rd person all the time.


Saturday, September 9, 2006

Finally - an update!

Wow - apparently we are worse than we expected ourselves to be at updating the blog - it's been a few weeks now, eh?

Well, the weekend after the 1 yr annivesary weekend, we went to Greg's Dad's cottage up in Presquile for the weekend. Seth had bought a new tent and airmattress for us to use and we were excited about re-entering the camping world! Too bad we didn't arrive until after 9pm, so it was already fully dark by the time we had to set up the tent - that was challenging! But Greg & Liz had dinner waiting for us - some bbq shish-ka-bobs and we discovered a new card/board game (it's called Sequence - too fun - go buy it!), so we ended up playing that and having a few 'pops' well into the night.

The next morning the boys got up super early to go fishing (of course) and Sara & Liz just hung around, chatting and ended up going into the countryside to find a farmer's stand to buy corn for dinner. Too bad we couldn't hit the beach - it looked amazing (very similar to Sandbanks), but it just wasn't sunny/warm enough to make the effort. When the girls finally got back from their road trip, the boys were already back from fishing (unsuccessful - didn't bring back lunch unfortunately) and the were already watching golf on the tv and snoozing. So the girls made lunch for themselves, played a few card games and then watched a movie and snoozed themselves.

Dinner was a hamburger + corn affair and then again, more Sequence of course (it truely is addicting!). Too bad it really starting raining hard that night - we all woke up a little more damp/soggy the next morning (oh yes - Greg & Liz were in a tent too - no one was using the luxurious cottage - that was reserved for Greg's Dad + Stepmom!) ... but Greg had pancakes and bacon waiting on us when we finally did wake up - yummy fresh strawberry and raspberry pancakes - I don't think we can ever go back to plain pancakes now! And after breakfast, Seth tore the tent down and packed up everything, while Sara supervised of course! ;)

That was a great weekend, and then the following weekend was Seth's annual boys' football fantasy pool weekend draft up in Kitchener - so Liz had organized a girls' weekend for her wedding party up in Markham! We went wedding dress shopping - picked out the bridesmaid dresses (aren't they going to be gorgeous?!) - and I think Liz really decided on a style of wedding dress that she likes too. Our friend Vone is making the dress, so she wants to start designing it soon!

Saturday night Liz had made a yummy spinach lasagne for dinner and the girls just sat in and had a few (lots!) drinks. The next morning was a little slow moving - luckily Sara made a yummy fry-up for breakfast. Stefanie (our newly pregnant friend!!!) had to leave to get back home and Liz & Sara & Lisa decided to head back into the city for a fun Sunday night.

So that's pretty much how our past few weekends have gone - still have been really busy! And I'd love to give you a full update on the football draft weekend, but I don't really know the details and Seth is away again this weekend - doing the "Fins, Skins + All-Ins" annual weekend at Greg's cottage. So I have a quiet, relaxing weekend planned for myself - and now I can scratch that first 'to do' off the list - updating our family blog! Going to laundry now - have a great weekend everyone and we'll post another update soon!!!

s & s