Saturday, September 9, 2006

Finally - an update!

Wow - apparently we are worse than we expected ourselves to be at updating the blog - it's been a few weeks now, eh?

Well, the weekend after the 1 yr annivesary weekend, we went to Greg's Dad's cottage up in Presquile for the weekend. Seth had bought a new tent and airmattress for us to use and we were excited about re-entering the camping world! Too bad we didn't arrive until after 9pm, so it was already fully dark by the time we had to set up the tent - that was challenging! But Greg & Liz had dinner waiting for us - some bbq shish-ka-bobs and we discovered a new card/board game (it's called Sequence - too fun - go buy it!), so we ended up playing that and having a few 'pops' well into the night.

The next morning the boys got up super early to go fishing (of course) and Sara & Liz just hung around, chatting and ended up going into the countryside to find a farmer's stand to buy corn for dinner. Too bad we couldn't hit the beach - it looked amazing (very similar to Sandbanks), but it just wasn't sunny/warm enough to make the effort. When the girls finally got back from their road trip, the boys were already back from fishing (unsuccessful - didn't bring back lunch unfortunately) and the were already watching golf on the tv and snoozing. So the girls made lunch for themselves, played a few card games and then watched a movie and snoozed themselves.

Dinner was a hamburger + corn affair and then again, more Sequence of course (it truely is addicting!). Too bad it really starting raining hard that night - we all woke up a little more damp/soggy the next morning (oh yes - Greg & Liz were in a tent too - no one was using the luxurious cottage - that was reserved for Greg's Dad + Stepmom!) ... but Greg had pancakes and bacon waiting on us when we finally did wake up - yummy fresh strawberry and raspberry pancakes - I don't think we can ever go back to plain pancakes now! And after breakfast, Seth tore the tent down and packed up everything, while Sara supervised of course! ;)

That was a great weekend, and then the following weekend was Seth's annual boys' football fantasy pool weekend draft up in Kitchener - so Liz had organized a girls' weekend for her wedding party up in Markham! We went wedding dress shopping - picked out the bridesmaid dresses (aren't they going to be gorgeous?!) - and I think Liz really decided on a style of wedding dress that she likes too. Our friend Vone is making the dress, so she wants to start designing it soon!

Saturday night Liz had made a yummy spinach lasagne for dinner and the girls just sat in and had a few (lots!) drinks. The next morning was a little slow moving - luckily Sara made a yummy fry-up for breakfast. Stefanie (our newly pregnant friend!!!) had to leave to get back home and Liz & Sara & Lisa decided to head back into the city for a fun Sunday night.

So that's pretty much how our past few weekends have gone - still have been really busy! And I'd love to give you a full update on the football draft weekend, but I don't really know the details and Seth is away again this weekend - doing the "Fins, Skins + All-Ins" annual weekend at Greg's cottage. So I have a quiet, relaxing weekend planned for myself - and now I can scratch that first 'to do' off the list - updating our family blog! Going to laundry now - have a great weekend everyone and we'll post another update soon!!!

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Rob said...

Love the dresses - you gals will look FOXY!