Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our garden

How to build a vegetable garden?

Take some cedar posts (pish-shaw to the actual "garden ties", these are far more expensive and pretty, right?), some black earth (hello Rona - $2 per 50L bag - damn good price!), some sheep manure (ewwwww - haha), and some peat moss.  Hammer, nail.  Mix and mulch.

Then hit up the local nursery for some seedlings.  We got green, red and yellow peppers.  Peas (and still need to build the "climber" for them). Jalepeno peppers. Cucumbers. Zucchini. Four types of lettuce. Green and yellow beans. Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes...

We didn't follow the spacing rules on all the little info spikes that came with the plants. Instead, planted about 8 plants per row. Spacing looks okay to me - we'll see how they fare I guess.
My next plan is to stock up on canning jars, as I know we're going to have more tomatoes than we know what to do with.  So aside from salsa and tomato butter (a chili-type sauce), I'm planning on canning a bunch of tomatoes to use for sauces and such throughout the year.

I am so green.  Next project is a clothesline.



Deb said...

very cool! I'm planting mine this weekend. Ryan built the garden box last week :-)

Carly said...

My friend, I know it's tempting to plant close when the plants are so small, but you don't have near enough room in there for all you've got! Especially the cukes and zucchini. Those suckers snake along the dirt and get huge.

The veggies won't grow properly (they'll be stumpy and bear less fruit) if there is not enough room and they're competing for nutrients and space.

You can easily plant those tomatoes in some big pots, and spread things out.

Just wanted to share some assvice that we learned from our first veggie garden last year (built in a raised bed, too)!

SnH said...

I know I know - they are far too close together. But in fairness re: the cucumbers - I have a tomato cage that I'm hoping they can grow up... and the zucchini I placed in the front left corner - so they can just spill over the edge onto the lawn.

*sigh* Yeah - I knew it was too full... Dammit, now I have to find some pots...

Vone said...

It's so true - we planned things too close last year. We ended up pulling out a few tomato plants when they weren't fitting anymore and the zucchini went crazy - the leaves were as big as a sheet of paper. I say just go with it and you can fix it for next year. We still had a lot of things grow even though they were too close. And make your bean ladder thing tall - we had to make it taller as it kept growing last year.
We're planting next week - can't wait.

debbie said...

What a lovely garden my two girls
have built.