Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The weekend - in pics

In line, at Ontario Place, Maddie met her newest crush.  A ginormous beaver.

It wasn't planned, so possibly the most serendipitous happening thus far of 2009.  Our visit at Ontario Place coincided with a Meet & Greet with Loonette the Clown, of Big Comfy Couch.  Maddie's ALL-TIME fave show.

Playing in the only real play structure she was big enough for.  Oh well she was happy, clearly.

Waterpark.  It was cold.  The rest of us were still in our clothes.  Poor kids... the shit we put them through...

On Sunday ~ Maddie helping me plant the garden. This became my new desktop pic immediately.  Honestly?  How adorable is she?

Plenty more pics of our weekend on our Flickr page...


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debbie said...

the most adorable child ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!