Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a weekend

Wow - I have so many pics to upload, but I'm not going to wait until I actually get around to it, so here goes...

Saturday morning saw me skipping Pilates to head down to the GO station for 8:30am. That itself was an amazing feat, considering Maddie decided to sleep until almost 8am that morning. We met up with another couple and their daughter, who's Maddie's age, and headed into the city to, "Experience...Ontario Place!".

Overall the trip was a success. The weather wasn't quite what we expected - a bit chillier than we would have liked, and the waterpark was cooooooooold. And the girls were both about 6 inches shy of almost any fun ride/playstructure/activity to participate, but we found a few things for them to do and we actually did manhandle them into their suits and tried to get them to enjoy the water after the sun showed it's face for a bit.

Highlights of the day? Loonette the Clown just happened to be making a showing there (if Maddie could say OMG, I think she would have after getting to meet + hug her idol!), so yeah, that was about as serendipitous as it gets.  

And the bear and beaver dudes that were randomly walking around the park?  BIG hit with Maddie. Big. HUGE hit. If she could stuff either of them into her pocket and leave, she would have. Instantly.

Not great highlights? None of the food stalls had any milk, or juice, or any style of healthy snack. And smart mommy that I am, I only packed a few snack options and completely forgot her sippy cup.  Yeah, that made things a bit difficult.  

And the fact that there were so many cool rides and things that she probably would have had a blast on, but couldn't get on because she was too tiny. Brought back memories of a tonne of times growing up, that I had to stretch and tippy-toe my way onto rides. Poor thing - she'll be dealing with that for ages.

So bottom line - Ontario Place?  Far cooler than I remembered.  But really, only good for those 2+ I think.  The under 2's were a bit bored...

So that was Saturday for us - love being a tourist in your own city - must do it more often.

Saturday night our BFF couple came over with their baby boy, C. He slept his way through the visit, and we enjoyed a few drinkies under the stars. Got Maddie fed and put to bed, and then we all had dinner (a lovely, leisurely, relaxed, with no toddler present, dinner) and played some games. Fun. Almost how life used to be... ;)

Today was a gorgeous weather day - sunny and warm and lovely. Perfect day to plant a veggie garden.  So that's what we did.  We should now have plenty of vegetables throughout the summer - unless I'm absolutely useless and forget to water the damn thing. Which, let's face it, is entirely possible.

A few trips to the park. Some bbq'd ribs for dinner. That's a pretty fantastic Sunday in my opinion.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends just as much.  Pics to come soon...


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Vone said...

You need a sprinkler on a timer - that's what we did last year. No remembering required - a good thing.