Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our 1 yr anniversary

What a weekend - the weather wasn't so great, although that's okay as we didn't have any outdoors-y things to do this weekend, and next weekend is a cottage weekend - so let's hope for sunny, warm weather then!

We spent Friday evening at our friends' place - Rob & Vone just got back from a roadtrip that took them across Canada and back! We stayed there fairly late (as often happens at Rob & Vone's!), and subsequently almost slept in too late the next day! We woke up at 12:45 and had to rush to get to the show that Seth had bought tickets for.

So at 1:45 we found ourselves at the Canon Theatre (used to be the Pantages Theatre on Yonge St) ready to watch Spamalot - the Monty Python musical. After that we went to dinner at a new restaurant in our neighbourhood "Lola" steak bistro. Food was quite yummy and service was fantastic!

In between there Sara had given Seth a new watch as a 1st anniversary present (clocks are the modern take apparently) - Seth had gone more traditional with the show tickets being paper and all!

Then after dinner, we headed up the street to have a few more cocktails at Spacco (great pool bar w/ a big patio for smokers) and then on to the movies to watch World Trade Center. The movie was great - but not so 'uplifting' for an anniversary date. Oh well, everything else was super romantic and fun.

And even though we forgot the wedding cake at Sara's mom's house, and weren't able to share that as a traditional 1st year anniversary thing you do - everything else was pretty perfect.

Cheers ... S &S

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