Thursday, March 18, 2010

26 weeks

I was asked last night whether I was in my 3rd trimester yet. My answer? I don't think so.... I'm in my (pause), um, 26th week. Yeah - that's not 3rd trimester yet is it? For the record it's not - I looked it up when I got home - 3rd trimester starts at 28 weeks.

Isn't it funny how different two pregnancies can be? First time around, I was obsessed - OBSESSED - with tracking the sprog's development. What size, what weight, what they were building at that very moment. That also translated into being obsessed with eating healthily, getting enough rest and pretty much living the decadent "I don't have other kids to worry about right now" pregnant lifestyle.

And then came the baby and my world came crashing down. I had spent a lot of time reading about and researching what to do while pregnant to incubate a healthy little sprog, but hadn't take any time to really prepare for actual baby-time. Like how to breastfeed. Learn a 'swaddle technique'. So we winged it and survived (barely) and life is good.

This time, I keep getting asked where the bump pictures are. I've been (a LOT) more lax with my diet. And maybe not as stringent at keeping up with all the sproggy developmental milestones. Which could make me feel guilty and like I'm not giving the same kind of attention to this pregnancy (oh - the beginnings of the fairness tightrope we all walk).

Except I realize it's not true. Sure, I can't tell you exactly what size they are this week (actually it's the size of an English cucumber) but I've already made a small little baby purchase. Something I didn't do with Maddie until well after she was born (superstition? or just ignorance about what to buy? I can't really say why I didn't - but I did make up for all that lack of shopping afterwards - just ask the Hubs).

I think your obsession just gets channeled differently each time. The nursery, gender-neutral clothes, and (for some reason) miniature-stuffies, are my obsession this time around. Just like eating fruit salad for breakfast and salad for dinner was my obsession last time around.

There you have it - the ramblings du jour of my hormone-addled brain.

In other news - my midwife confirmed there's a reason I'm so tired (beyond just being preggo with a 2.5 year old running around - because, hahahaha! that explanation hasn't gotten old...). Low iron. So I get to take supplements and that should help with the energy levels. Sweeeeet - constipation...



Emma said...

I was exactly the same, totally unprepared for the reality of that first baby that suddenly turned up, and then barely thought about pregnancy number two. The good news was I seemed to be much more prepared for the baby the second time!

Joanna and Marcus said...

You nailed it. Your obsessions change. P.S - I'm sure you look beatiful dummy. Post a picture!

Anonymous said...

I was exactly the same. I also take iron and took it through my pregnancies - your body does get used to it. You still have to eat lots of fibre, but I've found the key is to take it consistently. Take it every day. If I miss a day, I really notice!