Friday, March 5, 2010

The votes are in!

Including the Facebook votes as well - here's how the tally breaks down:

Quilt #1 - 9 votes
Quilt #2 - 2 votes
Quilt #3 - 4 votes
Quilt #4 -
Quilt #5 - 3 votes
Quilt #6 - 2 votes

Seems like the most expensive quilt from Pottery Barn is the clear winner. That's my secret favourite right now too - although I was told to go check out Homesense and they have some adorable quilt sets there that were REALLY reasonably priced. (AND a sparkly pink + white chandelier that I couldn't resist because I'm a sucker!)

And I have a line on possibly commissioning one - although really, I'm starting to wonder if a 2 year old should have a quilt that has been commissioned for her? I mean really? My bedding is a plain white duvet. Let's grow some perspective.

Thanks everyone for the input - always appreciated!!


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