Sunday, March 7, 2010

Electricity 101

Remember the gorgeous chandelier light fixture I was bragging about finding at Homesense for a STEAL last week? I got it home and it was a swag light. But also came with a ceiling plate. Which makes about - zero - sense in my opinion. But again, this is likely why it was only $40.

Since I was determined to "make it work", I proceeded to spend Friday evening consulting the all-knowing Google, numerous DIY forums, and the always useful expertise opinion of Facebook. The results were fairly unanimous - you can totally hardwire a plug in fixture - especially one that makes it easy on you and comes with a ceiling plate - just snip and attach.

Sounds like a 20 minute job, right?

Don't worry - there's no electrocution story here. On Saturday afternoon (the time of day that actual sunlight pours into Miss M's room like crazy), we cut the power and got to working on the fixture. And anything that could be difficult was. But eventually we were ready to wire - and in trying to get all the wires attached and also holding up the fixture at the same time, something went wrong, and the grounding wire snapped.

Long story short (and yelling of profanities edited out), the light isn't up quite yet. And the Hubs is not allowed to play anymore. But I'm getting a taller stepladder today from a lovely friend, and if all goes as planned, the fixture will be in place by tonight (or you know, the end of the week - which is also a great goal to have).

I'll let you know - but am excited to show you the end result... eventually.


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