Monday, March 8, 2010


It's been a habit, for... well, ever... that Maddie calls for me over the monitor when she wakes up. As in, "Mommy! Maddie wake up now! Good morning Mommy!"

And yes, it sounds just as adorable as it reads. Although I'm still not a morning person, but that kind of wake up is better than an alarm clock any day of the week.

However, over the weekend she changed her call a bit. I now wake up to: "Mommy! Maddie wake up! Saaaaaawwwwwwwaaaaaaaa. Wake up Sawa. Where is Sawa?"

That's right. My 2.5 year old daughter is summoning me by my actual name. I mean her inability to properly pronounce the "R" in my name softens the blow a bit. But seriously? I work hard at the Mommy title - I'd like to keep it for a few more years please. Although any attempts to explain to her that my name, to her, is in fact,  "Mommy" and not, "Sawa" just makes her giggle and call me that even more. And so - I ignore it, for now.

Check with me in about 15 years when I'm sure it won't seem nearly as cute or adorable anymore.


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