Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hell Week

Remember the first week of grade nine? Whether it was called "Hell Week" or "Hazing Week" or whatever?  And your popularity to the masses was reflected in direct correlation to how much perfume or shaving cream or permanent marker was forcibly layered onto your body by the older kids?

I was poignantly reminded of that week this past week, as we endured the parental version of Hell Week. Also known as salmonella poisoning. No regular stomach flu - this persistent little bugger likes to stick around for up to 7 days. And did you know you don't just get salmonella from unwashed chicken hands or eggs or bad mayo - but you can catch it from someone else? Betcha didn't realize that one. It's almost as nasty as the Norwalk in how long it can live on random surfaces.

Anyhoo - Madds caught it and alerted us to this fact at 1:30am on Tuesday morning. Aaaaaand enter vomit-fest for the Vallier's for the next 3 days. I could go into details - like how much laundry I've done. Or how many times I caught a little bit of dried vomit just caked on my neck or in my ear or on my cheek. Or just how uncomfortable it is to sleep upright, with a heavy toddler on a pregnant tummy.

But we've all been there right? Instead I'd like to focus on the good stuff - like:

  • Maddie has learned how to throw up like a big girl - meaning into the toilet or in a bucket - instead of on me, her initial location of preference. She knows when it's coming, she alerts us and as long as you get her to the toilet, or a bucket in front of her, she's the tidiest little puker you ever did see! Can you hear the mom-pride in my voice?
  • I got to enjoy more cuddles from my little girl than I've had combined in the past 6 months. Nothing like a good case of "gastro" to get a toddler to want to actually lay on the couch (or anywhere for that matter) with you.
  • As much as Maddie loves and prefers Daddy - it's ALL ABOUT Mommy when she's sick. And that's just fine by me. I can function on barely any sleep a lot better than the Hubs can. (For the record - now that she's feeling better she's totally back to being her daddy's girl self and I could jump off a dock for all she cares - but I was totally her favourite for a few days, and you know that means I win! Ha.)
  • Cinderella (and I'm sure many of the older Disney movies) have soundtracks that soothe. It was like falling asleep listening to Morgan Freeman tell me a story. Must.Get.More. Older Disney movies like Peter Pan and Lady + the Tramp - guessing they would be similar in their waltzy, sleepy, lullaby scores.
So that's why it's been quiet over hear. Basically we were functioning in survival mode for the past week. But I'm happy to say she's been on the mend for a few days and has now been shipped off to Gramma V's to enjoy a relaxing March break vacay while we get a few things done around the house here. Like working and spring cleaning and painting her "big girl" dresser.

Enjoy your rainy Sunday peeps...


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Mary Lynn said...

So sorry you've had such a rough week. Ugh--can't imagine dealing with all that and being pregnant, too.

Hope Maddie enjoys her visit with her Gramma and you get a chance to recuperate a get things done, too.