Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter weekend and promised pics

Finally a long weekend that actually felt like one! Don't you love getting Fridays off vs Mondays? I think it's because the week really does feel shorter, so you get the full advantage of enjoying every minute of the long weekend.

So we spent the early part of Friday morning just lazing around catching up on some shows we had PVR'd, and the later half of the morning cleaning and doing laundry (ah, the joys of domestic bliss). Seth took off to Greg's to watch some well-anticipated Masters tourney in the afternoon, while I ended up crashing on the couch watching a few movies (all good intentions of doing the work I brought home with me this weekend still being procrastinated as we speak!). That night I went to the movies with my friend Liz (The Reaping - it's ok, but more of a "renter") and Seth hit the Firkin to hang w/ the guys, playing some Golden Tee and darts. Liz and I popped by the bar after the movie to check in with the lads, and they were all well on their way, so after a few hours I dragged Seth's ass home, as he had to work on Sat morning (don't feel sorry for him, he had a very 'good' Friday). Seth was home by 1pm and his parents, Debbie & Shorty got up to Toronto by 1:30 - they were visiting for the weekend.

We took them down to the Eaton Centre to do some weekend shopping - it was a madhouse - absolute zoo! Seth got a couple of shirts from Abercrombie (bday presents from the parents) and we headed back uptown to stop in at the Firkin for a bite to eat and some more drinks. Afterwards we headed back to our place to get changed for dinner and watch the start of the hockey game. Around 8:30 we headed back downtown to the Keg for dinner - it was packed as well (the joys of living in the city for a long weekend), but we finally got a table and had a fabulous dinner.

This morning Debbie treated us all to a yummy breakfast (that she brought up pre-prepared with her - we're spoiled!) and by noon they were off. Seth spent the rest of the day watching the Masters + hockey - disappointed in the outcome of both - oh well. I continue to procrastinate not opening up the computer to do the work I desperately need to get done for tomorrow - it's going to be a late night I think - oh well.

That's our weekend in a nutshell folks - and of course, as promised - here's the pics of the house from last weekend....How cute is it that we got a pic of us with the SOLD sign?

Our lovely kitchen - finally a kitchen I can be proud of!

Our living room/sitting area - it's small, but will be perfect for a few bookshelves. And PS - how cute is my husband - look at that big smile on his face!

And this is our family room - right off the kitchen, with a gas fireplace - yes!

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