Monday, April 16, 2007

A sick weekend

What a way to spend the weekend - poor Seth had to take care of me for the past 3 days because I've been seriously under the weather. What started with some nausea and grossness early Friday morning has carried through all the way to today. Needless to say, there's not much to report on our past weekend - but I'll try...

Friday, since I was off sick from work, I went out and rented a few movies - Pursuit of Happyness (for me to watch that afternoon, as Seth had ZERO interest in watching it - according to him, the entire plot and meaning of the movie could be gathered from the preview - I say, cynic....) + Bobby. Seth had a busy busy day at work, so he came home exhausted (as usual) and sadly enough, we didn't have enough energy to watch Bobby, and were actually in bed before 10pm.

The next day I thought I was feeling better, so I headed up to Markham with Seth in tow - the plan was for me to pick up Liz and make our way over to the Baby Show in Mississauga, and for Seth and Greg to chill out, doing what boys do - drink beer, watch sports, play xbox. Well, the Baby Show wasn't as rife with giveaways as one would be led to believe, and the walking around for the couple of hours we were there killed my fragile health state. We made our way back to Markham, I met G&L's new member of their family (and still-nameless puppy), and Seth and I headed home. I knew before I even got home that going out that day was a mistake - and I paid for it dearly on Sunday - which I spent literally, sleeping, all day.

Seth on the other hand actually had some energy and got out of our quarantined house for some baseball practice in the cold weather. Nice way for him to spend the afternoon - especially as I was hogging the couch all day.

So that's it - no other news here. I woke up still feeling really crappy, and decided to call in sick again (honestly, can't remember when I was last sick for 4 days - insane), and take myself to the doctor. Of course there's nothing they can do for me - they don't exactly dole out antibiotics to preggers that easily - so this sinus/fever whatever-I-have just needs to 'run it's course'. Blech.

Sorry for the boring post - hoping to have much more interesting news for you next update!

Love to all - S&S

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