Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another catch up post

Wow, it seems I just cannot keep on top of these weekly updates lately - okay - here goes...

So the weekend of the 20th, I can't even remember what we did on Friday night it was that uneventful (either that or pregnancy-brain is kicking in) - Saturday Seth had to work (story of our life), and I did a couple of friends a favour by babysitting their daughter for the afternoon. It was pretty cool - she actually fell asleep shortly after they left and slept for 2 full hours - by the time she got up I gave her a snack and we went out to play. Just about when she was getting tired and cranky, her mom and dad were home, so I was like, hand off!

That night we were back at the same place (Rob & Vone's) to take advantage of the warm weather and bbq the night away - it was lovely sitting outside for our first meal of summer (?spring?). High points of the night? A new hot-sauce shrimp recipe, yummy filet mignons from the market and me finding my non-alcoholic Beck's at the grocery store. All in all, a pretty enjoyable night.

That Sunday, Seth had baseball practice and I had brunch with the ladiezz at Cora's downtown - yummy happy brunch place for pregnant women as they garnish your plate with a rainforest of fruit. After that, shopping with the girls to find some spring garments (that will fit!) - which was only successful thanks to the ingenious designers at H&M - thank you for making maternity clothes that don't make me look 16 or 60 - thank you ever so much.

So blah blah blah working the next week - although I had another Dr. appt on the Wednesday - all is good in the hood (or womb, I should say). Next appt is May 23 when (knock on wood) we find out the sex of the little bean. Woo hoo.

Last weekend Seth was in Orlando (since Thurs actually), and I had a bday party to attend for my nieces in Harrowsmith. It was good to hang out with the family and do some shopping. AND I got to meet a new member of this earth - Quinn Sammon - my girlfriend, Stefanie's new little one - he's adorable (of course) and super tiny (but I held him and he didn't break, so that's a good thing).

That's it - this weekend is going to be quiet. I have another brunch with a girlfriend and Seth has to work (is there a pattern here?) ... hoping to get some more packing done around the house, feeling urgent about everything lately. Might as well do it while I'm not a clumsy oaf of a whale, right?

Love to all ... S&S

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