Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Belly pics

Two posts in one day - what are the chances? But I had promised to post some belly pics, so here they are...

7 wks

10 wks
14 wks

And POP goes the whale - 18 wks.


Vone said...

That's awesome - I so wish we did that with my belly.

Louise said...

Oh my god how flat was your stomach though to begin with....that's one to be proud of! By that scale looks like on a good day I'm at the 14 week mark!!
How many weeks are gone now? Can't believe seeing you with a bump, it's so cool! So happy for ye both!

Deb said...

Those pics are awesome. I did it too (once a month, more often as it got near the end) and it's fun to look back later!

Anonymous said...

Whats with the tub of vasoline in the first pick?

The Valliers said...

Wish I could give you a more interesting answer, but I was using it on my flaky skin that I had after getting back from the Domenican - my legs were shedding like a lizard. Attractive, I know.