Monday, May 7, 2007

Fast weekend

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly when the week feels like years? Blech. Anyways - it was a great weekend for Seth and I - not for any major reason, just a nice weekend overall.

Friday saw Seth getting off work early to meet his friend Greg for some afternoon golfing - which of course started his weekend off nicely. My Friday night was a bit more lame, as I just came home from work and rented a movie (Notes on a Scandal - brilliant movie, seriously rent it!). Since Seth did the requisite beer + wings after his golf, I was actually asleep by the time he came home - exciting life I lead!

Saturday Seth had to work until 1pm, and I ended up cleaning + doing laundry in the morning. I had plans to go shopping in the afternoon and so I thought it would be good to get some of the household chores out of the way that morning. It's funny though, I know I'm not that far along yet, but I already feel like I'm moving at the pace of a tortoise. By the time Seth got home, I had the laundry done, but was only about halfway through the rest of the cleaning. And I mean literally, halfway - half the dishes were done, half the bathroom was clean, half the coffee table was clean - so strange! I think it's pg-related attention deficit disorder or something. But how perfect is my hubby, he actually came home thinking that I would already have gone out shopping, and was planning on surprising me by cleaning the house while I was out. So he finished my halfway jobs and I hopped in the shower and met Liz for some much-needed shopping!

That night, Seth and I had a 'date night' planned - we went to the movies to see Disturbia - good, but not great. Really more of a teen flick (sadly enough, it wasn't 'gory' enough for us). But whatever, it was entertaining, and really, isn't that worth the $40 you spend to go to the movies nowadays? ;)

Sunday saw Seth going to baseball practice in the morning and then lazing away his afternoon on the couch, while I met another girlfriend for lunch and hitting the Eaton Centre for some more shopping. I've been on the search for reasonably priced maternity clothes and it's been a struggle, let me tell you - and I just can't bring myself to pay $70-$100 for a pair of black pants that I can only wear for a few months - so I'm going to look a bit more 'casual' at work than I had originally planned. Oh well, I guess all you moms out there went through this, right?

After some grocery shopping later on Sunday night, we came home, made a pizza and watched the finale of the Amazing Race. Oh - and Seth PVR'd a Saturday Night Live special that was all about the cast from the 90's - it was actually hilarious - if you missed it, you missed out!

So that's all for now - it's Monday morning and I'm procrastinating getting in the shower to get my ass to work... have a great week everyone!


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