Thursday, August 27, 2009

I haven't researched this yet

Maddie hit a milestone yesterday. She went pee in the potty at daycare.

In fact, it was during a diaper change, that she asked to go to the potty. Then waited until Annette left the bathroom. And then she went. Like it ain't no thang...

They called me yesterday to tell me. Which was cute and adorable. But sidebar? Whenever I see the daycare number on my phone my heart jumps into my throat a little bit. Good thing Annette is super awesome and starts every conversation with "Don't worry - everything is fine - I'm just calling to tell you..."

So Maddie told me that "Maddie pee-peed potty Mommy".

That just about broke my heart with adorableness.

So when I picked her up from daycare yesterday I had a chat with Annette about next steps. Should we start training like immediately? Let Maddie just hop on the potty when she feels like it?

Dammit - I was planning on doing this over Christmas vacation!

I have books to read. And websites to research. And training pants to buy. And...and...and...

If you haven't guessed. I'm a bit of a boyscout. And I like to be prepared. Especially when I'm hitting uncharted territory. Oh, and I'm not the most easy-going person in the world either. You mean you haven't noticed?

So yeah. Big Maddie milestone moment.

And I'm a little bit terrified.



grama said...

OMG I have to go out and buy a potty I am sooooooooo excited,
I know do not get so excited grama
I am very surprised I do not have one already.hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

Vone said...

That's great Maddie. My personal thoughts on it is not to push Maddie too fast. I would just have her keep going when she wants and ask her if she wants to - but really just get her used to it before going full force. Lilo was going at daycare and then I went full force and she ran from the potty screaming. But kids are all different so many she'll get it right away. Good luck.

Liz said...

She is so smart just like her Mommy:-) oh and her Auntie!