Friday, July 17, 2009

Shameless Plug

I know - totally shameless ... but if you really want to be a friend, dear reader, you'll go and vote for Maddie's pic on the latest Friday Photo Contest on one of my fave blogs, Durham Region Baby.
Seriously. Do it. Go. VOTE NOW! (I'll wait. Don't worry.)

In other news, we have guests all weekend. My step-brother and his brood are heading up tonight. They are doing a few touristy things over the weekend in the city, including hitting up a Jays game on Sunday, while I get to hang with my nieces. I have a playdate on Sunday morning at one of the local splash pad parks, so I figure they'll have fun doing that. And if not, I'll just buy them stuff. That usually works...

(I jest.)

(Not really.)

So yeah - it's shaping up to be a bit of quiet weekend. Last night I tilexed my shower in preparation. Because nothing says "Welcome!" to your guests than mildew-y tiles, right?

At some point this afternoon I need to buy some groceries. And beer. And wine and other assortments of alcholic drinks...

Yep. It's shaping up to be a goooooood weekend.

Hope you all have the same!



Carly said...

Thanks for the plug, my friend!

We're also at the Jay's game this weekend.: Our neighbour got us Club VIP tix. Ooooh, swanky. I'm sure it just means double the price of food...

L. said...

SnoH forgot to mention she is heading to a game herself, and her BFF is ++excited that she is Mrs. V's date for the game. XO