Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where art thou?

Dudes. I've been busy. Busy with work. Busy with home stuff. Busy with all sorts of other, not-so-fun, but nothing horrible (don't worry grandparents - we're fine), just, you know, STUFF.

The weekend that I was oh-so-looking forward to was pretty awesome. Jays game on Friday in the Toronto Star box was awesome (as were the multiple Stellas I enjoyed - thanks BFF for being DD!). Visiting with the fam was lots of fun (as always). I love watching my nieces interacting with Maddie. They don't quite "get" each other yet ... but as Maddie gets older they play together much more.

On Sunday, while their parents went to the game, I got to spend some time with my nieces on my own. 3 kids? Makes everything 3 times harder. And 3 times longer. We did a playdate with some ol' Babyville moms at the local water park.

Are there waterslides at the waterpark Auntie S? Can I go swimming in the pool Auntie S? Do they have one of those rides that you go down and splash in water Auntie S?

Ummmmm, no. No. And no. It's a park just like any other park and in one corner of it there are some fountains and stuff. So please, don't get too excited kids.

They had fun anyway. And I had fun catching up with the ladies. It's hard now that are kids are all mobile and toddling and adventurous in different directions. You want to sit and chat, but you also want to make sure you kidlet doesn't break their noggin off the climber. Right?

After the playdate and lunch, it was time for Maddie's nap and so we did MAKE OVERS!

Yes, I just shouted that. Because that's how it was said. All.Weekend.Long. Whenever I was asked if it was MAKEOVER time yet. When could we get home so we could do MAKEOVERS? And when would Maddie just shut up and go to sleep already so we could do MAKEOVERS!!

Note to self: When planning for a multiple-hour distraction for two young girls. Don't promise to do anything ahead of time. Just spring the idea on them at the time. Otherwise they may combust from all the excitement.

I can, one hundred percent, tell you, without a doubt, that the MAKEOVER went over well. I had picked up some funky nailpolish colours. Gave each of them a pedi, a mani (they were all freaked out by the feeling of the nail file, which I kind of chuckled at) and we did each other's makeup and hair. Oh we were feeling quite fabulous by the end.

Yes. They did my makeup.


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grama said...

Glad your back those girls are getting cuter makeover fantastic lol
love grama
miss maddie need to see her!!!!!!!!!