Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She survived

Katiebear that is - she survived. Go Hubs at keeping daughter #2 alive and well and (relatively) happy for 24 hours! And a big shout out to the MIL for playing wingman and helping out - I know he couldn't have done it without you!

The highs? When she was happy, she was very very happy... she played, she smiled, she flirted. The lows? She refused every.single.bottle. Apparently they tried hot, they tried cold, they tried cold with ice. It was served in 4 different types of bottles (including the "just like breast!" Tommee Tippee bottle I picked up the day before I left - guess what Tommee? You're not just like breast and Katie HATES you!).

The kid hates bottles. This is definitely a "chalk one up for the parenting fail" column ... we were lazy in early months and she's stubborn.

Instead she ate A LOT of cereal. Cereal all day. Cereal before naps. Cereal at 12:30am when she woke up looking for some comfort.

And how did she repay all these efforts? By sleeping thru until 7am. Yay them. They got more sleep than I did. Stupid hard uncomfortable hotel mattress...

And so experiment in MommaFreedom worked. You can in fact leave a 6 month old with 2 very capable adults for full 24 hours. She will survive and you don't (necessarily) have to drink your way through coping with the guilt.

But the cosmos tasted oh so good...


PS - I'd post a recap of my weekend with the ladies - but really, all you need is a nutshell: Spa=relaxation. Shopping=FUN. Drinking/Laughing/Primping in hotel room=hilarious. Dinner in private room=delicious and fancyschmancy. Dancing=lame as fuck (not because we're old, but because the DJ was horrible).
But didn't we all look purty?

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