Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a milestone day!

Maddie just went to her first dentist appointment. She was (understandably) trepidatious - regardless of how much I tried to hype it up as a fun, exciting event - she was onto my game and eyed everyone in the office as warily as you should eye up a "helpful" stranger whilst backpacking thru Europe.

When the dentist came in I almost laughed out loud. Because he was tall. Like, really really fucking tall. So tall that it was hilarious - you know? (Am I the only one that wants to laugh out loud at really tall people? Is that strange?)

He was, of course, lovely and thankfully resisted rolling his eyes at me when I a) preemptively apologized for the state of her teeth and/or cavities (blaming her juice habit like one apologizes for their crazy alcoholic grandfather), b) tried to sit on the chair with her and only succeeded in swiveling it around at top speed whilst he was trying to patiently explain the instruments to her, and c) insisted on taking a look in her mouth when he said "yes, she does have her 2nd molars" like he wasn't the expert or something?

And so - no cavities, no (lasting) trauma, and she got to pick out a "prize" from the "treasure chest". And another milestone chalked up for Maddie...


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