Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is our life - aka Snippets

  • We had a follow up appointment to check Katie's weight progress today. In two weeks she's gained 4 ounces - which puts her at 13 lbs 13 oz as a 7 month old - still not even registering on the growth charts. Our "fantastic" (heavy, sarcastic air quotes being used here) family doc isn't worried - thinks all is fine, because you know, she looks okay. I requested quite strongly for a pediatrician referral and she finally gave up arguing with me and said okay. So now, we wait and see what he says...
  • Maddie started ballet last Thursday - through the community rec program (meaning it was only $30 for 7 weeks - which suits my cheapass just f.i.n.e.). She loves it but is clearly the youngest and possibly least coordinated kid in there. I watch her clomp around the gym with a massive grin on her (and my) face... best $30 I ever spent.
  • The Hubs was awarded with a 4 day holiday in Mexico in March from his employer and I'm.... not so much looking forward to it (yes, you can punch me in the face right now). It's not that I don't crave some sunshine and escape from the winter - but it also means 4 days away from my Kates (Maddie too - but let's face it - she'll probably barely notice we're gone). The Hubs refuses to even entertain the idea that we bring her along with us. Oh and it also means I need to find a bathing suit that covers, erm... EVERYTHING. I may pop over to 1928 and buy a suit from then.
  • That being said - I am trying to make good on my resolution to lose weight - I even attended a spin class yesterday. It fucking hurt. At the time it hurt - you know how much it hurts the next day when it already hurts while you're doing it? Let's just say, going up or down stairs was tragic for me today. TRAGIC.
Yep - that's us in a nutshell right now...


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