Monday, March 9, 2009

How a damn good baby shower

Kidding... sort of.

Yes, this weekend was the much-anticipated baby shower for my BFF, Liz. I had been preparing for weeks - even though I had sub-contracted much of it (desserts, favours, games - all outsourced!).

My proudest accomplishment was the diaper cake I made - it was really fun to make and I think it was a great centerpiece for the table. Other cool ideas I found online? Instead of using streamers, put up clotheslines and hang baby items (socks, onesies, booties etc) and using soothers as napkin holders (yeah, I didn't actually do this, because paper napkins are just not that pretty rolled up).

It was fun party. There were over 25 women in my family room/kitchen and it was crowded (and HOT). The food was well-received. The gifts were more than plentiful. And we made my friend wear a hat made out of bows. Oh yeah - the humiliation of it all...

In family news - Maddie is officially recovered from the HFMD, she still has a bit of a rash, but it's dried up, not contagious anymore. She's back at daycare today, and things are pretty much back to normal.

Yay for normal.


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