Friday, March 6, 2009



That stands for Hand Foot Mouth Disease. And that is officially what Maddie has. (Well not really officially, as the doctor at the Urgent Care Centre couldn't confirm 100% as she doesn't have the rash symptoms in the textbook places - argh, don't even get me started...)

Anyways - HFMD is characterized by a blistery rash guessed it! The afflicted's hands, feet and inside their mouth. Other symptoms include sore throat, fever, malaise, and vomiting.

As I've posted in the past couple of days, poor Button has had all of these symptoms, plus a terrible rash in her diaper region and around the outside of her mouth.

It was the daycare provider that caught it. Because she seemed like she was getting better, Maddie attended daycare yesterday, and after her nap, while changing her diaper, Annette saw that she had blisters all over her tongue. And since Annette's daughter had a bout of HFMD several years ago, she had the "ah-ha!" moment. Apparently the onset of the sickness with her daughter also started with crazy vomiting/fever and then resulted in a rash 36 hours later.

So, while the doctor couldn't say for certain, I think we've verified ourselves that she definitely has it. And the fun part is only beginning. She was up EVERY. HOUR. last night, unable to sleep. That was fun. And she refuses anything that isn't milk or yoghurt (or vanilla ice cream that I treated her with this morning).

I feel awful for her, but honestly admire how much of a trooper she is. When she's awake, she's still playing and acting her normal self, just a little more tired than usual and perhaps a bit more irritable. (As for me? I'm A LOT more irritable. I need me some sleep.)

Isn't it amazing how kids can just play through a sickness? It's like because they can't verbalize the complaints, they shrug them off far more easily than we do as adults. Funny little runts.

Anyways - we have a busy weekend ahead of us - big baby shower hostess time, with several out-of-town guests staying with us. And with Maddie quarantined from daycare today, I'm really only able to work while she's sleeping. I guess I'll catch up on my sleep next weekend...


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