Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I want to shop there

I admit it, I have a shedload of blogs that I keep track of in my Reader - the list has just grown organically over the years, and probably really exploded while I was on mat leave. Some of the blogs are interior design (yeah yeah, who do I think I am? No one - I promise. I just like to be inspired and be able to rip off ideas on the cheapcheapcheap), and of course there are about a trillion mommy blogs in the list, and a few other shopping ones.

Add that to my addiction to e-newsletters from all the major retailers (partly for professional reasons, partly for, well, it's like window shopping, okay?)... anyways it gets a little frustrating. Frustrating because I see these really super-cool things that I should be able to buy. I want to be able to buy.

But I can't. Because I'm a Canadian Resident...

And while I totally love the idea of shopping Canadian, sometimes I just want to shop at Tar-gé (that's a whiny voice in case the italics weren't clear enough).

If you are a U.S. resident, you have the world (of shopping) at your fingertips. The selection! The free shipping! The deals/steals/way-cheaper-than-most-of-our-stuff! Have I mentioned the deals?

It's hard when I get a Piperlime emailer and they're promoting these really awesome peep-toe Calvin's at a ridiculous price. And. I. Can't. Find. Them. Anywhere. In. This. Country.

Or I hear about a deal Home Depot is doing on flooring installation - $139 for any room. And I get our local flyer and it's the same deal - only it's $199.

Exchange rates. I get it. Ridiculous shipping rates because our country has lovely wide open spaces and it's hard to get things to people etc etc etc. I get that too.

But just give me the option!!! Make it inhibitively expensive to ship here - I still think those companies would be shocked/surprised/delighted at the number of orders they'd get by the selection-starved Cdn market.

Okay, that was my whiny post of the month. Roll your eyes and get back to work now, thanks.


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