Monday, March 23, 2009

March break hiatus

Our new daycare was on hiatus over March break, which meant we had to line up the Grandmama's for some babysitting duties.  Seth's mom came up from Sun to Wed, and my Mom came up from Wed to Sun.  It was a full house, let me tell you!

Luckily for Grandma V, the weather was gorgeous at the beginning of the week, so she and Maddie spent a lot of time at the park - which Maddie loved as well.  Maddie now goes down the slides on her own with ease (as long as someone's there to catch her at the bottom) - now we just have to work on her climbing back up on her own now too.

The latter half of the week was not as warm, so in sympathy for my mom (because have YOU ever spent 12 hours in a house with a toddler that wants to go 'side, 'side, 'side??), I took them both to the indoor play gym in Whitby on Friday morning.  Maddie was the most outgoing I've ever seen her there.  

I think any of my worries about her being the quiet, shy, wallflower that I was as a child are easing off.  This kid LOVES other kids and gets right in there to play.  In fact, it's funny as a (still secretly shy) parent to watch this, because I keep inwardly cringing, hoping the other kids won't reject her, that she's not being too overly-friendly, and her feelings won't get hurt etc etc etc, and HOLY PROJECTING, right?

On the weekend we visited my mom's aunt in a nearby nursing home and again, Maddie had her "charm" set on high.  She was chatty and smiley and couldn't stop staring at everyone.  It was almost embarrassing, except I saw how incredibly happy it made them, so I just let her go for it.  On a side note though?  It's hard to visit a place like this - it was my first time since highschool when we did a "adopt an old person" project or something like that.  Especially on a Saturday as you see the hopeful look in someone's eye that you could be there to visit them and I don't know - it just makes you feel guilty that you're not, and that perhaps you should stop and chat for a bit, but there's so many of them, and (see above) I'm not the most chatty, outgoing person in the world with strangers, so it's all just so awkward.  And sad.  And ugh, that's all I have to say about that.

Our Saturday afternoon was far more light-hearted - as we had friends stop by for a visit, with her 3.5 year old daughter.  I was worried that perhaps Maddie's toys would be too "junior" for her or that the girls wouldn't be able to play together because of the age difference.  Apparently I worried for nought - they had a blast chasing each other around and screeching.  

We topped the weekend off with a night out for Seth and I to drinks + a movie.  And here's another sidebar - what the HELL is with movies starting at 11pm these days.  Seriously - we either went to the 7:30/8:00 show.  Or we went to the 10:45(!!!!!!!) show.  Um, is there no happy medium?  Am I officially old now?  Who in the world is going to a 10:45 show?  Because if I'm going out for dinner and drinks, I'd be looped by 10:45.  No way I'd be able to sit and watch a movie.  What happened to the 9:00 showtimes?  Where did they go?  Because 9:00?  A LOT more convenient to have a few drinks and appys before the movies.  Hell, if you plan it right, you could actually fit dinner in nicely.  So instead, we had a quickie appetizer and a few pints at the nearby pub.  It was rushed - but even in the hour that we had prior to the movie, it was nice to just chat and be on a "date".  

Last few thoughts...
  • A full week of Grandma help while daycare is on spring-break hiatus is MORE than welcome (as is the cooking of dinners every night before we got home from work!!!)
  • The resulting spoiled little girl that pouts and gives me the death glare anytime I tell her to not do anything is not welcome.  Go away, please.  Now.
  • Maddie peed in the potty again last night!  After peeing in 4 (FOUR!) separate spots on the carpet in the hallway.  Still, I was totally chuffed.
  • We've won an inordinate amount of free coffees from Roll up the Rim.  Apparently that's why we never won anything before - all the winning cups are in Brooklin...

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MC said...

I know how you feel about the nursing home thing... I remember that "adopt an old person" project in high school - didn't Mr. Peart make us do it so we would understand Stone Angel? It was hell, my old lady had Alzheimers so every week I had to start from scratch!!

Good luck on the potty training!