Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bring on the core strength!

I've decided that, while I'm not ready to ramp up the gym membership (no time, no energy, and did I mention, no time?), I've earned myself the right to sign up for A class. Just one. One little itty bitty class that hopefully will light the fire under my butt and get me more interested in getting back in shape.

Or at least stop my hip from aching like I'm 78 years old when I get up from sitting on the floor with Maddie...

So I've signed up for a local Pilates class. I'm quite stoked about it (can I be 33 and use the word "stoked"?)... It will be Sat mornings (or Wed evening - depending on which class fills up to when she decides to hold it) and just around the corner from my house.

To celebrate, I will be purchasing a yoga mat this weekend at Fitness Depot - who, incidentally, is having a Women's Weekend event on Saturday and Sunday. Free seminars, contests + stuff for women!


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Sera said...

Love, love, love pilates - been going off and on for 3 years now. Can't say I've lost any weight but I have spectacular core muscles now... it's been 100% worth it!