Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No means yes?

We had a blissful couple of months where Maddie said "yesh" to just about anything you'd ask her. Blissful.

I don't know if it's a developmental change, or influences at this new daycare, but we've joined the rest of the world (at least from what I'm told) and now have a toddler who's favourite word is "nawwww" (that's NO with a full-on drawl because apparently my daughter is also from Kentucky)...

And for a while it was exasperating, because seriously dude? A little too much negativity coming at you when every question, every statement, every loving little cuddle gets you a "nawww".

Now I've found my sense of humour, and am just finding it amusing.

"Maddie, do you want strawberries?" (her very favourite food in-the-whole-wide-world)


"Maddie, do you want to watch your show?" (either Sesame or Big Comfy Couch - don't ask)


But she clearly does. She wants the damn strawberries. She wants to watch her shows. She wants the juice she just asked for 2 minutes ago. And so and so forth.

My question is - what the hell are you supposed to do here? I feel like giving her what I know she actually wants, even thought she's saying no, makes zero sense and is just confusing the issue with her.

Does she "get" that no means no? Or is no just the word du jour and means absolutely nothing? Because just a few weeks ago she understood the concept of yes and no. So why not now? What's her issue dammit!?!?!?

and breathe

So perhaps I haven't totally found my sense of humour about it. But it's frustrating. And I don't really know how to act. Because if I do the opposite of the above (by listening to her "no" and not giving her what I know she wants), I then get to experience her newly-honed toddler meltdown skillz to the nth degree.

So yeah. I have no idea. For now I'm just ignoring her "naw" and doing what I want anyway.

Does that mean I'm a real grown up now?


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