Friday, March 13, 2009


Lately there seems to be a resurgence into the hand-made world of crafting. Is it simply where my path (both online and off) is taking me? Or is it the current state of the economy that is inspiring more and more to save money and make more themselves?

I know I've been all about clipping coupons, cutting corners, getting discounts, asking for more discounts, and just generally trying to be more fiscally responsible. Less materially gluttonous... does that make sense?

Seth recently told me he wants to try and make Maddie a table & chair set instead of us buying her one - so instead of some golf paraphernalia he's getting a handier bday present from me this year. (And no, I'm not worried about ruining the surprise, he never reads this blog anyways...)

Beyond Seth's delve into handiwork, I too have projects lined up to do this spring - starting with resurfacing and staining our bathroom cupboards. Moving onto finishing Maddie's (a.k.a. guest bathroom) in a fun kid-friendly theme, and of course FINALLY finishing off the guest room. But that's more reno work - not really what I mean by "hand-made".

Just this morning as I was day dreaming about spring shopping for Miss Maddie and thinking about all the gorgeous little summer dresses I would buy her, I stumbled across the thought - hey, I could make those dresses...

And dude - I totally could! Her dresses from last summer were adorably simple. And smock dresses or jumpers would be perfect for her this spring. (PS - how adorable, but also young does she look here. It's like I barely remember her like this and that makes me feel so old, and sad, and wistful, and maybe a bit misty, and shuddup...)

So yeah - that's me. Going to Fabricland (Fabricland!) this weekend to buy some fabric and some patterns and I'm gonna make my girl some purty dresses. Well, make with the help of Grandma - who, oh so conveniently will be spending some time up here next week. I will be her grasshopper - she will teach me. And Maddie will look adorable.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on just how crafty I turn out to be. Might not be all that impressive. But damn, I will get an A for effort...


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