Monday, March 30, 2009

The weekend in bullets

  • I got to spend Sat afternoon with girlfriends I haven't seen in a while - doing the lunch thing at Yonge/Eg.
  • Daddy & Maddie spent the afternoon together, doing the park/outside thing - Seth got a few good vids that I'll get around to uploading at some point.
  • Sat night was spent with good friends G&L, doing an early celebration for Seth's bday.  Steak, scallops, shrimp and ceasar salad - yum.
  • Sunday was spent... um, not feeling well after the copious amounts of red wine imbibed the night before.  
  • Oh, and Maddie spent lots more time with Daddy this weekend than usual (since I was either out of the house or very slow moving).  Which meant she was in a better than usual mood.  Daddy's girl [said with a grin]...
That's all.


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