Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wow - where did the time go?

Once again we are very behind on posting our updates - so sorry people, but we'll do our best to get you all caught up on our lives very quickly...

The weekend of 17th Sara went to Kingston for the weekend as Liz was having another shower held for her there. Lisa D - another of Liz's bridesmaids was holding it at her parents' house - long time friends + neighbours of the Prices. It was a fun shower - and again a late night - who knew bridal showers could be so dangerous? It was a great time had by all and gladly the showers are now done - it's just the dangerous-nous of the impending bachelorette that we have to worry about now!

The following weekend (the 24th) was a chance for Sara and Seth to kick back and relax a little, with no big plans and lots of interest in doing nothing. Friday was spend watching a movie, then the gym in the morning on Saturday and later that afternoon, Sara had a lunch/shopping date with a friend while Seth cleaned the house. Sat night was spent at the movies with friends, and Sunday was a busy day of football-watching for Seth and chocolate-making for Sara. Overall a productive, but relaxing, weekend.

This past weekend has been (so far) just about the same. Friday spent staying in - watching part of a movie - that is until our TV died. Saturday's agenda for Sara included a lot more Xmas baking and for Seth - a trip to Best Buy to get a new TV. Although he seemed quite determined to come back with only a slightly larger tv - of course, what was he dragging through the door an hour later? Yup, a 37" LCD - oh well, we can view it as an investment.

Saturday night was the annual Caribbean Christmas Blocko at friends', Rob & Vone's - it's always a blast, although for some reason this year seemed a little more tame than previous years. Today (Sunday) we both got up early, watch some TV and then Sara went shopping for the nieces' xmas presents and Seth got started on his football-watching.

Wow - reading this over, our lives sound pretty boring - and repetitive. Well - I guess that's what happens when you get older... ;)

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