Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sex and the Kitchen

This weekend was the bridal shower that I hosted for my best friend Liz - preparations started on Friday night, getting a lot of the food prepared and the house decorated. Lisa Deir came over with her roommate to help on Friday night, which was much appreciated and reward with many glasses of wine - ouch.

The day of the shower was pretty hectic - there was a lot of things to do with very little time until the 3:30pm start time, but with Lisa's help it all got done - thank you thank you thank you Lisa - your help was essential - I never could have done it without you! Melissa came over slightly early too - so she helped a tonne as well - it's great friends we have! The theme was "Sex and the Kitchen" - a play on our fave show, Sex and the City, so the food was all cocktail munchies and there was an assortment of flirtinis and rasptinis - very yummy - see below for the recipes.

Desert was meant to be fruit + ladyfingers with a chocolate fondue - the only thing was that none of us getting everything ready had ever used a fondue pot before - so the fondue turned into a fondon't. Yup, we filled the butane to high, and there was an out of control fire under the pot - so the chocolate burnt and the fire would not go out - funny now that I look back on it, but very stressful at the time while everyone was arriving and the phone was ringing off the hook with the buzzer etc. So desert turned into just plain fruit - oh well, at least we had a lot of it!

With the theme, everyone was asked to bring a gift for the bedroom and a gift for the kitchen that were related. Liz got some great gifts - a French Maid's outfit - that was hilarious! Some female 'bedroom' appliances and then coordinating utensils for the kitchen, a toaster and then a cozy bathrobe (to keep her 'toasty') - everyone was very imaginative and Liz got some great stuff for both rooms of her house!

Well, that was pretty much the weekend - poor Seth had to work on Saturday, and since his home was filled with women for the entire afternoon (and late into the evening) he ended up going to Greg's to play video games, eat pizza and be 'men' - so wasn't too terrible for him.

Next weekend is the shower in Kingston that Lisa and her mom are hosting - it should be a great time and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend out of the city! That's all for now - love to you all!

1 part vodka
1 part champagne
1 part pineapple juice
Shake over ice, strain into martini glass, use 1/2 a strawberry as a garnish.


1 part vodka
1 part blue raspberry cordial (found at grocery store)
Shake over ice, strain into martini glass with 4-5 frozen raspberries as garnish.


Meghan McLawhorn said...

So I'm planning a Sex in the Kitchen party for my best friend... but, what exactly is this? I'm not quite sure of what to do/plan. If you would please email me back with some input, I would greatly appreciate it!

Meghan McLawhorn

The Perfect Bridesmaid said...

I love this theme-so creative. I want to feature it on my

Sara...noH said...

You are very welcome to feature it - I loved throwing it and my friends had a lot of fun shopping for the gifts. In the end, the bride-to-be received a great mixture of fun and funky gifts both for her kitchen and for the bedroom!