Monday, April 27, 2009

Our weekend in a nutshell

We watched the Wrestler. 
I gardened (a LOT). 
Seth cleaned (the ENTIRE house).
Maddie played in the backyard, in the house, at the park.
I got my ass kicked by pilates (again).
Two out of four meals were bbq'd.
Seth did swimming lessons with Maddie this week (as I still haven't found a non-cleavage/flasher bathing suit).
Maddie can now say, "bike", "ruff ruff" (what a dog says), "sky", and "ready" (as in, "ready, set, go!" on the slide).
Seth golfed, I didn't.
I napped on Sunday, Seth didn't.
Must be going through another growth spurt because Maddie couldn't eat enough or drink enough milk. Maybe she will get some wear out of all the 18-24 month summer clothes I bought her.

And my work week started with a round of golf.  Nice!


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