Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maddie giggles

This weekend wasn't too busy for us. We relaxed on Friday night - not doing much of anything. On Saturday Maddie and I headed into the city with Auntie Liz while Seth worked in the morning - we shopped a bit in the mall (I bought leggings - I'm such a mom!) and then headed over to Lisa Deir's new apartment for lunch and a visit. It was 6pm by the time we got home and found Seth sprawled out on the couch napping - he had gotten home from work around 2pm and spent the afternoon hooking up our new home theatre system, eating some nachos and watching some football before crashing out.

To break in the new system, I went and rented us a couple of movies to watch that night - the Simpsons Movie and Superbad. The Simpsons movie - it was okay - not great in my opinion. Superbad? Super-hilarious. Seriously - rent it. Soooooo funny.

Today I just got all the Christmas decorations taken down finally and did a small grocery shop. Just enough to get us through the next couple of days as we're headed to Kingston on Thursday morning for a 4 day weekend. While I was putting away the decorations Seth was holding Maddie - and for some reason (we still can't really figure out why) she started giggling her head off - so I ran to get the video camera to get this little milestone on tape. After an hour of trying to figure out how to transfer the files from our camcorder to the computer, I've finally got it uploaded. She's laughed and done small giggles before - but nothing like this, so we wanted to share with everyone - it's too cute for words...


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