Monday, January 28, 2008

Maddie wears jeans ... and other interesting stuff

Well, like always, the week kinda flew by in a blur. On Thursday Maddie and I attended the mom group in the afternoon. Because it's hosted by public health, they have a scale there so I plopped our little Madds on it and she now weighs around 12 lbs 10 oz (I say around because I didn't strip her naked for the scale like my Dr's office usually does - maybe that added some ounces? not sure) - anyways, any concerns about our little one not gaining weight fast enough are definitely waylaid - over a pound in 3 weeks, that's not bad!

After seeing everyone's babies in actual "clothes" at the mom group (even a 1 month old that was there was wearing a proper outfit - yikes) ... I got inspired to actually start dressing my baby. Not like she was going around naked or anything, but I was happy keeping her in the footed sleepers for the rest of her life - cozy, comfy and convenient. But yeah, I have a tonne of little outfits for her, and I figured I might want to revisit them as with all this growing she's doing, they may not fit her much longer (and unlike the first couple of weeks of life when I thought I needed to dress her everyday - she may now actually FIT the clothes!) ...

So on Friday we considered a few outfits, and jointly decided on her new flower power jeans that Grandma Vallier gave her at her last visit, paired with a lovely long sleeve tee shirt (onesie) that Grandma Thompson gave her. You don't have to say it, I know she's adorable... ;)

Saturday we had a girls lunch planned - headed over to Mississauga to visit my friend Sandra, who was cooking up a feast of Thai food for the ladies. And since Madds is one of the ladies now too, she was allowed to come - haha. Seth stayed home and (finally) organized the basement so that it's not a mess of half unpacked boxes and random tools lying everywhere. Now the half-unpacked boxes are piled neatly in a corner and the tools are all put back in their respective original packaging! Haha.

And since we had started the trend of getting dressed in big girl clothes on Friday, Maddie got properly dressed for lunch - wearing an adorable fuzzy outfit from her Grandparent's friends - the Laverty's. Don't you just love the beret? Too bad we couldn't find a paint brush to go in her hand...

Saturday night we (Maddie and I) were supposed to go to a friend's house for dinner, but since their little one had developed a nasty chest cold, it ended up being cancelled (for her sake, and Maddie's). Which bummed me out a bit, but we stayed in and ordered a movie from Rogers instead. Seth had a 30th bday party to go to in the city - his friend Andrew - so he got a "night out on the town" - which resulted in a bit of a hangover the next day. Needless to say, the bookshelves (those blasted shelves, the neverending project) are still not put together, which means my plan for getting that room finally organized is still on hold... lame!

Like I mentioned, Sunday turned into a bit of a lazy day - but I did manage to go grocery shopping and we finally hooked up the chest freezer that we got for Christmas from my mom - so it is now filled with all sorts of healthy frozen goods. I'm trying this new thing called cooking this week - hopefully getting us off the take out/delivery/frozen pizza diet that we'd fallen into of late.

So that was our week in a nutshell. Today's been pretty productive for getting some chores done around the house - and of course taking pics of Maddie. She's really into playing with her toys now (started getting interested in some toys a few weeks ago and now just wants to play constantly when she's awake) - and I've started putting her on her stomach to play more and more - helps develop those muscles (tummy time!) and gives her a bit of a different vantage point I guess. Here's a cute one with her chilling out on the bed while I put away laundry - playing with the awe-inspiring links!

Last update I have for you is her latest in vocalization - she's really found her voice of late and her newest noise is sbbbrrrrrtttttt (which translated - is her sticking her tongue out and spitting) - she uses it to get your attention, to respond to questions, and just to make conversation. She uses it so often that instead of crying or fussing when she wakes up from a nap, we now hear her spitting over the monitor instead. Sitting in her cradle, spitting away, happy as a clam. I will try to upload a movie of her doing this spitting thing soon - we have a bunch of video to upload, just have to get some time to do it ... and since Madds is getting a little agitated (read: crying) right now I gotta run ... talk to you all later!


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Jenn said...

Cute pics, Sara! Maddie is adorable. Love the outfits :)