Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I will miss

One of the girls in the online community I'm part of ( posted an interesting topic the other day - about the little things that she hopes she'll always remember about her little one. It was sweet and a lot of us joined in listing the various things that we will miss as our babies get older - there's so many, but I wanted to write some of them down on our blog so I would actually remember them (for sure this blog is going to be better for memories than the baby books). So here is my list - I will miss...
  • Her little coughs she makes to get attention
  • Kicking my belly as I dry her off after her bath and get her dressed
  • Her sour milk breath in the mornings
  • Her perfect gummy smiles - I keep taking pictures to make sure I don't forget what it looks like!
  • The way she reaches out to touch my face with both her hands when I lean over her (that one is new and I love love love it)
  • Her phantom sucking when she's in a deep sleep (that's her mouth + tongue doing the sucking thing, after her binkie has fallen out)
  • The way her mouth drops open when she's totally passed out
  • Her giggles - when you can get one out of her - I love these first laughing sounds
  • The way she reaches out to pet the cats when they walk by now - she's finally discovered they exist!
  • Her huge happy grins in the morning - I've never been a morning person but that can't help but make you smile when you see how happy someone is to see you when they wake up - makes me feel like the centre of her world
She has a few more sleepers that she's grown out of - which makes me so sad. I love seeing grow and learn new things, but it's also sad to see how quickly this time goes. I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy this baby stage so much, and now that I am, it's hard to see how quickly the time goes.


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Kelly said...

Taking clothes that don't fit out of the closet used to make me SO still does.

You'll blink and she'll be walking. It's horrible!